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Chris Martenson Convergence

Hello all,

While picking raspberries I started thinking about ways that could be improved and meet the needs of the community. It occurred to me that we could take another step. We could actually meet. We could converge. We could have a weekend where we meet and learn. The weekend could include a range of possibilities such as, workshops for members by members on specific skills, lectures, and time to prove that we are not alone.

Since I am a new member I am unsure if this has been tried before. Is there any interest?



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All great ideas

I think you've got a few great ideas and I for one am in!



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If it was within driving distance of NY....

...I would most certainly be there. To enjoy having Dogs' Ghost Habaneros tear my mouth to tingly shreds

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Don't Forget Transition Towns

Don't forget your local Transition Town initiative.

While John Michael Greer doesn't think ithey may hold together long-term - he thinks we will be in a much more energy- and resource-starved future than Transition Towners can imagine and are prepared for -  you can always learn from the people in those movements and make local friends and contacts.

Transition Towns and the local people you meet may be a helpful bridge into the future. At the very least Transition folks are Peak-Oil aware already. Many are already holding meetings, workshops, etc.

Transition United States

Find a Transition Group near you

Sorry, SagerXX. None in New York yet. But there are some official groups in Pennsylvania (a handful), Connecticut, Massachusetts (a good number), Vermont, and New Jersey.


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