The Chris Martenson Advertising Drive

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The Chris Martenson Advertising Drive

This is something that has crossed my mind today and I wished to share it with you... 

What makes this site great to me is involvement and enthusiasm...

How exactly did you come to find this site?

Word of mouth?

... an email from a friend?

...somewhere out there in the Internet ether, someone decided to put a short and gritty comment on a thread somewhere that you were reading and it drew you here?

Every day, there are links to other sites here. Every day, you'll find a minimum of 12 pieces of news linked from on-line newspapers and You Tube video on Davos's Daily Digest. Every day, someone somewhere has either created a thread or added a post to it that has some medium or another that has worthy news in it for us and, an opportunity in the making to advertise this site in a style that is down to earth, from the heart, to the point and could help others arrive here and step out of the fog of poor MSM spin and bull.

What I'm asking you to do is so simple its laughable :-

Every time you're wandering about on the net looking for valuable info about the economy, energy, peak oil etc, leave a short reply to it on its own thread stating for example :-

"The "Crash Course" is the world's most concise video seminar on how our economy, energy systems, and environment interact, and how they will impact the future. Google "Chris Martenson" and realize the high possibility that, 'The next twenty years will look completely different from the last twenty years."

"The info in this video\news item is excellent!! Just out of curiosity, have you heard of Chris Martenson and the Crash Course?"

"My God, how true!! I found a site that expands on that info and proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Google Chris Martenson and complete the Crash Course and you'll see exactly what I mean!!!


Ask Questions, make statements, get new members for the site...

More members, more revenue, fresh blood = more dynamics

This site is about helping each other to fulfill opportunities in our futures. We were strangers and became friends. There are more people out there in the dark who are beckoning for answers and finding none.

I'd dearly love to see Chris sitting across from Jon Stewart or on the sofa with Oprah Winfrey but, the only way you gain that size and breadth of advertisement is with purposeful drives with word of mouth in any medium you can think of that will benefit.

They say that if you know 20 people, you can link from those 20 to every single human being on the planet so, think, who have you told about this site?

Send an email to your friends, work colleagues, the local paper. Your local MP. Send to people you think might not 'get it', you may be very surprised that your judgment of them was wrong. Anyone anywhere needs the information within this site to help build their future, so think, who do I know...

Strike conversation up with strangers in shopping cue's, bus stops and coffee shops. Peoples finances are fast going down the toilet and I'm sure that even the most introvert of you will easily find enough common ground to simply write -

Google :-

"Chris Martenson"

and complete the

"Crash Course"

on a piece of paper.

Free ad newspapers are another area that this drive could work. A simple piece such as the above written inside a column of your choice relating to what ever subject you choose.

We're all existing in a house of cards. If you look back on now with the regret that you could have done more, you didn't do enough. This idea I have in mind costs you nothing but a little time. An extra 5 minutes at a time to write a little something etc. Could you spare 15 minutes of your day for a good cause?

My Best,


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Re: The Chris Martenson Advertising Drive

Paul -

One more thing to consider.  Cat and I ordered several boxes of Crash Course business cards.  We have been handing them out to complete strangers. 

We always pick up a few extra items for the SHTF stockpile each trip we make to the grocery store.  Invariably (when they see the 25 pound of rice or beans) someone asks if we are getting ready for the end of the world.  When we say yes, they typically laugh until they see the expression in our eyes.  Then we hand them a CC business card, tell them to take a look and make up their own mind.

Even if only 1 in 10 watches, the chances that they get someone else to watch is pretty good.  So, slowly, the word is getting out.

One day at a time.

Getting a bunch of business cards to hand out is a good idea for people who are out and about and have a lot of interaction with other people.


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Re: The Chris Martenson Advertising Drive


excellent!! They say a look can say a thousand words. 1 in 10 are realistic odds and a business card is a compelling tool. These one in ten are the tipping point of awareness needed...

With me based in Hungary and the difficulty in finding someone with the linguistic skills to translate even Chris's Crash Course transcripts, I'm cornering (carefully) only those who I meet that comprehend enough verbal English to benefit from the films. I still can't see a way of helping my local community in any other way than avoiding direct discussion of Peak Oil (I hope you comprehend this?), though the financial problems rearing up here are very real to some that are paying attention.

The global 'Free Market' has crippled many farmers here. A local, who has made his way growing Chinese cabbages in thirty 50 meter pollytunnels over winter in the last 5 years is a case in point. Unable to find a buyer this year, after spending months and a great deal of time and money on heating and nurturing his organically grown crop, and with Tesco (similar to Walmart) like a rash growing in every major city here deciding pricing, Ishtvan had to dump all of this crop as compost. The price Tesco will pay is exactly half as much as the cost involved to grow it. All he understands of this year is that it is unlike anything he's seen since 1992, with a very different set of circumstances involved then. Houses and farms are cheap here compared to the West and, with the sale of this crop he would have been able to buy my farm in the state it was before I modified it for the 21st century outright. This is the equivalent of some US$9,000. He could also have lived off the proceeds and planted more stock for another year.

Others, in different growing mediums such as peach have found that (petro-based) fertilizer and pesticide costs have over tripled in price in the last 2 growing seasons. Peak Oil - Peak Resource...? 

We're in the eye of the storm globally aren't we? Nobody is escaping this...

Word of mouth and taking time out of our busy lives is vital at this time.

My email is stack full of messages far and wide. Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Germany, Norway...

Even though the pay-off is much more slim, the results are gaining traction...

My Very Best,


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Re: The Chris Martenson Advertising Drive

Please, if there are others here who have ideas as to how to promote this site or have gained any benefit from this thread so far, add something below how ever small, so that this thread can gain some traction. This community needs to grow.

Imagine a rowing boat out on a river. The Crash Course is, in itself, the boat. Within and acting as the oars are the teachers and the taught. Without the taught there is but one oar in the water. A boat with one oar will go around and around in circles...

With so many older posters here, there is a responsibility to nurture those coming up through the ranks of learning. Patience is vital in nurturing those that are at the beginning of their learning curve with 'The Six Stages Of Awareness' fully at your fingertips before you attempt a reply. Exactly what developmental stage are they at do you feel...?

The Six Stages Of Awareness - Link :-

...lets just say that I've recently gained a new insight into my own learning curve...



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Re: The Chris Martenson Advertising Drive

Personally, I follow many sites, but none as much as this one. It may sound silly, but I start my days with this site, and end with it. All throughout the day I tend to have it up in a separate tab as well, lol.

The resources on this site are amazing. To be honest, I really wasn't sure about paying for the reports and extra resource when I first enrolled 3 or 4 months ago, but it has turned out to be invaluable. At the time of my first enrollment I had already been on the site for a few months reading the blogs and what not; becoming an enrolled member tripled my resources, and I haven't even begun to poke around in the 'in session' forum that is up now. From reading half way through it, it looks like it will be awesome.

The CC is the first video I recommend to everyone new to the issues at hand. I am even thinking about ordering a bunch of DVD's of the CC to help get the word out further possibly putting copies at a few spots on base for people to take home and watch. Maybe I should get some cards too like Dogs, cause I do the same thing ever time I go to the store too. This is also the first site I recommend to all on my email list (I have a small list of about 20 or so people that are interested in learning what is happening that i message with updates and references once every couple weeks).

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