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Adam Taggart
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Chris Interviewed on

Chris just recorded an interview with covering the likely next moves by the Fed. The podcast can be downloaded here:

The interview with Chris begins at 21m:27s



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thanks for the link Adam

Nice interview Chris.

And excellent advice - 'Sell in May and Go Away'! :)

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sundarb wrote:

Nice interview Chris.

And excellent advice - 'Sell in May and Go Away'! :)

Actually my advice was "Sell in May and run away!!!"  :)

But that's if and only if the Fed ends QE II.

They might for a while, but a collapsing system will force them back to the time dishonored tradition of money printing.

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Time to sell silver... the bernank has everything under control.


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Good Updates

I appreciate these updates on when Chris is on the radio...several times I have followed the link and listened to the broadcast....



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