China: Partner, Adversary, Rebel

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China: Partner, Adversary, Rebel


An extremely dangerous and controversial agreement might have been
struck between the USGovt and Chinese Govt during a visit to Beijing by
Secy State Hillary Rodham Clinton. Some call this news pure rumor,
while others claim it is suppressed fact. Time will tell. The Chinese
had been demanding greater assurances for continued USTreasury Bond
purchase. The public is not privy to actual discussions, as US leaders
continue to betray the US public with a string of secret deals dating
back to IPO offering by Wall Street for giant Chinese banks. Ever since
Goldman Sachs took control of the Dept Treasury in 1992, the nation has
suffering a skein of betrayals on gold treasury management, suppressed
USTBond yields (that skewer savers), insider trading schemes that would
read like out of crime novel, and lately channeled TARP funds for Wall
Street elite sequestered usage. Details and quotes appear in the Hat
Trick Letter, in particular the Gold & Currency report for March
out last weekend. The US Embassy in Beijing confirmed the deal to the
source. Hillary closed the deal. A quid-pro-quo agreement was struck,
continued USTBond purchases in return for Eminent Domain option to
exercise by China for property seizure, “to physically take, inside the USA, land, buildings, factories, perhaps even entire cities.” The concepts of colonization and carpet-bagging should come to mind!

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