China et al: hidden agendas?

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China et al: hidden agendas?

What if the US is working with China and other large US Treasury debt holders on some unknown agenda, and part of this agenda involves the US going into a huge amount of debt?  I started thinking about this because of the talk lately of what China (and other large holders of US Treasuries) could do with all this debt.  The problem that is always acknowledged is that if China just dumped them to hurt the US, they would hurt themselves a lot too.  Likewise, the US can decide to inflate like crazy to effectively default on the debt, but that would probably leave the US economy in shambles.

It seems to me this situation was pretty forseeable a long time ago, with China's massive cheap labor pool and the US's consumer hunger.  I wonder if indeed this was planned quite some time ago, maybe when Nixon (he always was pretty sneaky) went to go visit them.  In hindsight of course it seems pretty careless for China and the US to have left themselves in such a vulnerable position. 

But where does this ultimately take us if this is all done on purpose?  What's the endgame?  Some theorize the point is to actually ruin the US, and since the US is so militarized, that will help drive the world to a more militarized one world government.  There is already discussion in mainstream journals of a one world bank, and then of course there's people like Kissinger already calling for his former employee Obama to help finally bring in the New World Order.  But what if they have been planning to do something else besides ruin the US?  Maybe ruin the entire world at once, or maybe through some other machinations the US will be ok, and others could be feeling the hurt more instead. 


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Re: China et al: hidden agendas?

brjohnson, I cannot deny your view. At this juncture what you say, if there is really a hidden agenda, is undeniably a scary thought. Sure, financial melt down can be a good staged drama to bring about a one-govt world. But can _we_ do anything about it?


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Re: China et al: hidden agendas?

Stick with facts and leave the conjecture to the Alex Jones-type websites.  It has no practical purpose to it.

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Re: China et al: hidden agendas?


What if the US is working with China and other large US Treasury debt
holders on some unknown agenda, and part of this agenda involves the US
going into a huge amount of debt?

Great take...I think we should be concerned. China has requested security several times before and we know that Hilary was recently in China - but we don't know what was discussed.  

We don't know what, if any, collateral or concessions were granted.  At a minimum, this is a huge breach of national security to be begging for money from unfriendly nations.  Our sovereignty is jeopardized and that should be a major concern.  Clearly, this should have all been easily predictable but yet we continued to run huge trade and budget deficits.



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