Charge mobile devices from a campfire

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Charge mobile devices from a campfire

This ingenious portable tool generates electricity from a campfire, or other heat source, to charge mobile devices like cell phones and GPS units.  It includes a radio and lantern.  A few links are provided below, but more are available.  It just went on sale in Japan.  There is no announcement about US sales, but direct contact with the manufacturer might yield results.

Short article -

Brochure -

Longer article -


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Clever.  I thought I was going to be looking at a Stirling Cycle's actually a Peltier junction based device.

Question (to all):  What would you pay for a device like this, realistically?  How about market size?  This is something possibly do-able from where I sit.

This is as good a place as any...I own a small company with electronics design and assembly capabilities, as well as (portable device) power storage solutions using Li-ion and LiFePO4 chemistries.  As an example, we provide battery packs and power electronics for UAVs among other things.

Me and my partner have been vigorously scratching our heads over what to do with our capital equipment and resources if things fall off a cliff badly.  We both see it coming.  If anyone has a suggestion for using the hammer I've got, to the benefit of "preppers", I'd love to hear about it.


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