Charge THIS, Citibank

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Charge THIS, Citibank

Citibank just sent me a letter with 4 stated reasons why they lowered my limit, and not one of them was true. 


This is common now, I believe.


They accused of carrying balances to high in proportion to my limits, when in fact I had recently paid them all down to zero.  They accused me of insufficient credit history, although mine runs back 18 years now.  This should not surprise us, from a company that actively aided crooks like Salinas in Mexico, Asif Ali Zardari from Pakistan, Omar Bongo of Gabon, Suharto of Indonesia, and many more.  What matters more?  Your credit score, or your dignity?  Can you charge the latter to a card?  Think about it, then tell them where they can stick their piece of plastic.  I did.  And take the time to educate the person who handles your call regarding the criminal behavior of their employer. 


Make them face it. It's time to turn the tables on the criminals who run our lives.  We haven't begun to express enough outrage.


There's a storm brewing in America, and they ought to be heading for higher ground before the people decide to act.

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Re: Charge THIS, Citibank

They just make up things.  It doesn't matter if it's true or not.  It justifies their decision until you decide to complain or prove them wrong.  I would just cancel the card unless I was financing a house then i would let it run at zero balance till i closed THEN cancel it.

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Re: Charge THIS, Citibank

I got a similar letter from Wells Fargo where they announced a change to my APR to above 20%, where previously it was just a little more than half that.  At least they had the tiniest shred of tact and said "This is not a reflection on how you have managed your account" or something to that effect.  I don't need the card or have a balance on it anyway, so it doesn't impact me.  But it's just a little insulting (especially considering my stellar credit rating) so I'm cancelling the card.  To heck with the minor ding to the credit report.  I may even close out my WF bank account as well; I never use the account anymore, and I suppose the tiny balance sitting there can be put to better use to buy a couple ounces of silver Wink

- Nickbert

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Re: Charge THIS, Citibank
nickbert wrote:

I got a similar letter from Wells Fargo where they announced a change to my APR to above 20%...

Whoa.  So you have a preferred rate?  NICE.  Tongue out

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Re: Charge THIS, Citibank

One credit card  that we keep running a small amount on lowered our limit( thousands of $'s) . We do not pay it off totally  because  .... We got a letter  closing our other  credit card  account because of inactivity.    They must be on a roll this week . 

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