Chances of a successful IPO?

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Chances of a successful IPO?

Over the next 12-36 months, what do people think about  the chances of successful tech IPOs? Are investors likely to put their money into tech startups? Even cash-positive ones with year-on-year growth? (growth can stop abruptly when the SHTF)

For those holding options in these companies, do you think it's worth staying at the company in the hope an IPO happen and is successful and gives us enough time to prepare for the/any forthcoming crash? Or do you think it's better to cut 'n run now, go buy some land and spend the time learning how to grow food and make baskets?

If/when the crash happens, would you rather be where you are now or would you rather be in another country (eg. back home for expats)? If the latter, what's your trigger for leaving? And have you started preparing for that eventuality? (ie. buy house with land, install independent power/water source, source a food supply, provision for travel costs to the home etc)

Even if it's a bit on the tinfoil hat side, it's an interesting thought exercise.


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