Censorship in Australia?

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Censorship in Australia?

Welcome to Australia, comrades!

If this measure goes through, it could set a dangerous precedent...

Australia postpones web filter plan

The Australian government has postponed its plans to introduce a national internet filter that has been criticised as web censorship.

Stephen Conroy, the communications minister, said on Friday that introduction of the "Clean Feed" filter would be delayed for a review of what material should come under the initiative.

the government will recommend a review... be conducted at the earliest opportunity. The review would examine the current scope of the existing RC classification, and whether it adequately reflects community standards."

And exactly WHO defines the "community standards"? Naturally, this list of "Refused Classification" websites will only target evil peddlers of child porn, right?

Of course, at the end we have the classic "If you're not with us, you're with the terrorists," defense of the Nanny State's actions. 

But Conroy remained adamant that the filter proposal did not constitute censorship.

"I don't think any Australian actually tries to describe blocking child pornography or bestiality or pro-rape websites as censorship," he said.

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