Celebrating Sustainable Living

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Celebrating Sustainable Living


WMGC is having a celebration!
This Saturday August 27th, 1-11 PM

189 Pleasant Street, Easthampton Ma.

We are launching our *new*
Green Mentor Program!!

Come celebrate and learn more about  next steps for Project RetroFit and the WMGC at our
"Celebrate Sustainable Living" Party  

Aug 27th 1-11pm! 


Days Activities:

* Help us launch our new Green Mentor Program!!
*Celebrate Community, meet and greet with our new intentional networking games for the Green Mentor Program- Network with our diverse community ~ meet building professionals, musicians, educators,   realtors, cooks, community organizers, concerned citizens and friends!

*Live Music: Heather Maloney, Iroko Nuevo and Kevin Schnell  

* Site tours of a Deep Energy RetroFit in progress

*Enjoy local food, connecting, learning and sharing!! 


  For more details and a time schedule see our website at



Western Mass Green Consortium
is open and welcome to all!   

 Let us know if you would like to showcase some of your work at this event as we will be having open demonstrations and a healthy living expo area.


Contact Sean Jeffords for more details on demonstrating- [email protected]    


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Nothing wrong with green.  Before I was sucked into computers I was a mining engineer.  Even back then (when dinosaurs roamed the earth) I was green.  I worked at a coal mining company (Utah International) on the Navajo Reservation.  Even though we were digging the place up we were doing it pretty right.  We stripped all the top soil, stashed it, and then removed the coal.  The ashes from the mine mouth power plant (Four Corners Power Generating Station) were moved from the plant back where the coal was.  Then we replaced the top soil and planted all kinds of stuff there and kept an eye on it and helped it along.  In a couple of years you could not even see where we had mined.  It was pretty good.  Hat tip to Utah International - they were trying to do something right and brought the Navajo Nation a couple of thousand good jobs and a boat load of money at the same time.


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I am a ma licenced master electrician, I have been off grid for a while now and even though I had this qualification, photovoltaics are new to everyone. Inverters and charge controller manufacturers are abundant, but laying down savings can be scary if you have not seen a particular configuration up and running. Is anyone interested in this?

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Love to learn about photovoltaic system

Yes, Paulcsk, I"d love to learn about how this is configured and set up.


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