Catherine Austin Fitts - The Banking Cartel & Wall Street

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Catherine Austin Fitts - The Banking Cartel & Wall Street

Catherine Austin Fitts does a great job explaining how the banking cartel and Wall Street operate against the interests of the people and control Washington.  She covers a lot of ground, from investment information to suggestions on how communities can take more control of their finances.

Some interesting points:

  • The latest phase began in 1995 with the WTO...we're watching a fundamental re-engineering of how resources on planet Earth are governed...we're moving from a model where places are governed by sovereign governments to a world where resources are managed by multinational corporations 
  • The United States and it's allies have created have created a global taxation system...they buy U.S. dollars and treasuries, that then go down in's a taxation through the balance legislation is the value of the dollar is dropping faster, the tax is effectively increasing
  • History of the "black budget" -  In 1947 and 1949 we passed the National Security Act and the CIA Act, and those two acts in combination, allowed money to be clawed out of the Federal Government and Federal budget and spent in non-transparent ways...we created a secret way to fund very big projects...and remember, they can borrow as much money as they want.

Catherine Austin Fitts is the former managing director and member of the board of directors of the Wall Street investment bank Dillon, Read & Co. and commissioner to the Department of Housing and Urban Development in the first Bush Administration.


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Re: Catherine Austin Fitts - The Banking Cartel & Wall ...


She NAILS it every time when she is on the AJ show or Coast 2 Coast A.M.  I would like to see her run for office.  

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Re: Catherine Austin Fitts - The Banking Cartel & Wall ...

Fitts is a gem.  She's fantastic.  Everyone should read about her story.  She has a lot of integrity and hootspa.

I recommend her website highly.



"When I told Nick Brady in 1989 that I was going to work at HUD, he said, “You can’t go to HUD — HUD is a sewer.” While my experience as Assistant Secretary cleaning up significant mortgage fraud that lost the government billions during the 1980s confirmed that HUD’s financial reputation was deserved, leading the FHA provided invaluable insight into how government management of the economy one neighborhood at a time really harms communities. Hence, access to the “real deal” on real estate and the mortgage markets was an opportunity. If you want to see the real economy in a place, you absolutely want an accurate map of the financial flows in that system — starting with the land and real estate. My favorite description of HUD was to come many years later from staff to the Chairman of the Senate HUD appropriation subcommittee — Senator Kit Bond. When asked what was going on at HUD, the Congressional staffer said, “HUD is being run as a criminal enterprise.”[29]

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Re: Catherine Austin Fitts - The Banking Cartel & Wall ...

 Geoff Olson, wrote the following article for Common Ground, a couple of years ago:

"The former Wall Street/Washington insider closes her talk with an anecdote attributed to the Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung. A young woman suffering from a nervous breakdown came to Jung for therapy. She had married a much older, wealthier man and then found a younger lover. She confessed to Jung that she killed her husband to be with him. The murderer had escaped detection, but believed that from the time she had killed her husband, everywhere she went the birds stopped singing. Fitts finds this anecdote relevant to our entropic times.
She believes we live in a system that is rapidly exhausting the living capital of the planet, yet we tacitly prop up it up with our purchasing and investing habits, spending our lives chasing after strips of paper emblazoned with dead politicians. In our half-conscious complicity with business-as-usual, we are the assassins in the garden, who bring silence in our wake.

The first step, she insists, is coming clean on what our lives are really about and what they should be about. “Imagine that all creation knew that you were trying to solve the problem,” Fitts says, alluding to her belief in an invisible means of support. And that is what keeps her going in her quest to rebuild happier, healthier communities that leave a lighter footprint on the Earth.
“I want to make the birds sing again,” she says. "

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