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Canadian Forum

I was wondering if it was possible to create a separate forum on Canadian perspectives, as there is for US, Europe, Asia, etc. There are scattered posts from Canadians all over the site but it would be nice to have a central spot to discuss issues affecting Canadians. Being a neighbor of the US and their largest trading partner all these issues affect Canadians in much the same way as Americans but there are some differences. 

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Re: Canadian Forum
Good idea.  Even though we're living in the US right now and I was born and raised here, my wife is Canadian and we are considering a move to Canada in the next few years.  I am much more informed about the US economy and government than I am on the Canadian side, so I'd love to see a Canadian forum too!
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Re: Canadian Forum

FYI, there is now a forum folder specifically for Canada.  It is located here.

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