Can you believe this?

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Can you believe this?

Not satisfied being taxed to death or losing your home, pension, retirement savings or job due to the greed of the banksters?

Now that they've got their taxpayer funded bailout bonuses the country is in dire debt.


Because your government had to borrow money from the banks (at interest) to bailout... (wait for it)... the banks. (did you get that?)

Of course you'll now be taxed even more and 'nickel and dimed' at every turn but hey, c'mon, show some compassion.

 Your government needs you... or more to the point, it needs whatever little money you have left.

 "What for?" you ask.

 Why to donate to treasury to reduce the public debt... you moron!!

After all, that's the least you can do for your country.... isn't it?

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Re: Can you believe this?

In this vein, NY State has just announced a new surtax on car license plates:  $25/per.  Only the first in a veritable flood of "incidental" charges.

Another item:  the wife just got a parking ticket.  She goes to a yoga class on Tuesday mornings, which starts at 9 a.m.  Of course, she has to park the car before 9 a.m. -- and it so happens that this studio is on the main street of our town, so to park means to have to feed a meter.  But the town has just recently re-set the electronic meters so that they do not register coins before 9 a.m. (when the parking regs go into effect).  So, if the wife parks the car at 8:50 so as to be at yoga class on time, she can't feed the meter.  Ergo, as of 9 a.m. (just as the yoga teacher starts in with the first asana), my wife is committing an infraction.  So yoga class now costs $35:  $15 for the teacher and $20 for the parking ticket.  Calloo, callay!

Thanks, banksters!

Viva -- Sager

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Re: Can you believe this?

How about this:

Park at work in New York suburb using electronic meters, early am, misread meter number=paid for someone else's time and fined 15 dollars.

Had to use debit card to pay for same said parking spot. 11 bucks for the day. Debit card allows payment but turns out I am out of money (I lost track, my bad) and I use the same debit card to pay my parking for 2 weeks before I catch the overdraft notices.

35 dollar overdraft fee for each 11 dollar charge. plus 15 dollar ticket (which I suppose I deserved, good luck proving I paid for the wrong spot...).

Total cost for 2 weeks parking at my job: 300 dollars roughly, 200 plus in overdraft charges for about 60 dollars in debits that the card allowed and then charged me for. Plus the parking tickets. Thank you TD!!!

Again, I made dumb errors but still....I am shredding the debit card.

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Re: Can you believe this?

a friend just posted this on facebook as a good people in Germany lobbying for higher taxes on rich people.  no doubt we'll see a similar movement here.  if only these rich idiots knew they're just asking the government to force them to pay the super-rich even more than they already do!!   I'm all for rich people being concerned with community, but they should actually engage in community then instead of funneling more money through the community-destroying national governments and central banks.


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