On The Campaign Trail With BJ Lawson

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On The Campaign Trail With BJ Lawson

I just posted an excellent interview with BJ Lawson on the Two Beers With Steve Podcast and you can download the show by clicking here.

Or you can go directly to the website

BJ is very much a Chris Martenson-esque candidate for Congressman in North Carolina and I am trying to garner attention for him because I believe in promoting people like BJ into positions where he/they can make a difference.

In this interview we discuss the Food Modernization Act, The Tea Party (what is it?), and why Steve is a poser when it comes to his garden.

Please enjoy,


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Re: On The Campaign Trail With BJ Lawson

Thank you Steve for giving BJ some exposure.  I have not listend to the interview yet but I will later today while on a long flight.  I personally talked with him for several minutes at the last End the FED rally and he seems like a great guy that is worthy of the peoples support.  Even though he is in a Democratic district, he did pretty well last election cycle considering the Obama wave he was fighting.   He is not some typical mainstream Republican ( more of a young Ron Paul ) and this time he has a legitimate shot.  We really need more candidates like him for this country to have a bright future.

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Re: On The Campaign Trail With BJ Lawson

Another great Two Beers session - good work Steve.

Cat and I have been friends with BJ and his family since 2005 and he is everything Steve said and more.

If there are any 4th District NC folks out there reading this, please take a look at BJ's web site or if possible, get to one of his appearances and listen to him speak.  He is exactly the kind of new leadership we need in Congress.  Even if he did go to Duke............Cool

Here's a link to BJ's site for anyone interested:  http://www.lawsonforcongress.com/

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