California to reduce carbon emissions by...banning black cars?

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California to reduce carbon emissions by...banning black cars?

California to reduce carbon banning black cars?!

by Jeremy Korzeniewski on Mar 25th 2009 at 2:58PM

In a move that will likely get California's consumers in a huff,
impending legislation may soon restrict the paint color options for
Golden State residents looking for their next new vehicle. The specific
colors that are currently on the chopping block are all dark hues, with
the worst offender seemingly the most innocuous color you could think
of: Black. What could California possibly have against these colors,
you ask? Apparently, the California Air Resources Board figures that
the climate control systems of dark colored cars need to work harder
than their lighter siblings – especially after sitting in the sun for a
few hours. Anyone living in a hot, sunny climate will tell you that
this assumption is accurate, of course. In fact, legislation already
exists for buildings that has proven successful at reducing the energy
consumption of skyscrapers.

So, what's the crux of the
problem... can't paint suppliers just come up with new, less
heat-absorbent dark paints? According to Ward's, suppliers
have reportedly been testing their pigments and processes to see if
it's possible to meet CARB's proposed mandate of 20% solar reflectivity
by 2016 with a phase-in period starting in 2012, and things aren't
looking good. Apparently, when the proper pigments and chemicals are
added to black paint, the resulting color is currently being referred
to as "mud-puddle brown." That doesn't sound very attractive, now does
it? Windshields, backlights and sunroofs are also slated to get
reflective coatings starting in 2012.

Some humorous commentary on the subject:

So what about a red Corvette? Too dark? How about burgundy, or are we
stuck with pink? And what about visitors to California? Will Grandpa
have to pay a sin tax on his navy blue Cadillac when he visits from
Nevada? With all of California's existing restrictive fuel economy
standards on large cars, and now color restrictions on the cars you can
buy, it seems that in California you can buy any car you want, as long
as it is one of these.

Pink Smart Car

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Re: California to reduce carbon emissions by...banning ...

Hi Brandon,


Thanks for the post. You  may be interested to know that there is also a move here in the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia to regulate the pressure in our automobile tires. It is a consequence of some campaign rhetoric that the beaurocrats in Kalifornia are planning to implement. 

 Next on the list has to be Passing Gas- Much too much CO2. I wonder how much a permit will cost and will it be part of CAP and TRADE?


So little time and so much regulating to do.




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