The Cache Course - Novel Promotional Idea

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The Cache Course - Novel Promotional Idea


I just wanted to share with everyone what I am doing to promote the Crash Course:

Some of you may or may not have heard about the sport of Geocaching.  It is a GPS (global positioning system) based "sport" where people hide and seek hidden "caches" based on global positioning coordinates.

The outdoors sport is played by millions of people around the world and there are currently over 700,000 hidden caches in parks, under bridges, atop mountains, in caves, and anywhere else you can think of throughout the world.

A "cache" is a container ranging in size from small (think film canister or smaller) to large (5 gallon bucket or ammo container).  The cache usually contains a logbook where users can sign that they have visited the cache and some swag (typically of little monetary but high novelty value).  Cachers who find the caches can exchange swag or just sign their name.  They go to the official Geocaching website where they can log their visit.  The website is also where they look up the coordinates of the caches.

There are also "trackable" items that can be moved around from cache to cache.  Each time the trackable is relocated, it is also logged at the website and its whereabouts are tracked.  Trackable items include "Geocoins" and "Travel Bugs".  Travel bugs are a little metal dog tag with a serial number.  Most of the time, some sort of novel item is attached to one such as a toy car or animal.  I created one travel bug ("Travelsaurus Rex") that has traveled over 5,000 miles from cache to cache across the continent.

Being a relatively committed cacher, I have been doing 2 things:

1.  Every cache I find (that is big enough), I have been leaving a Crash Course DVD.  I then add a little write-up about it in my online log for that cache.  The next cacher who finds the cache can take the DVD if interested.

2.  I have created one (and plan to make others) travel bug with a USB drive attached to it.  On the drive, I have placed a version of the first 19 chapters of the Crash Course and also a file talking about the Crash Course and a link to  This way, people who intend to move the travel bug can watch the crash course and visit the site before passing it along.

I expect the travel bug to exchange hands about 50 times in the coming year and it is likely that every DVD I put out will get swiped up by the first or second person to find the cache after me.

Probably won't get the website 100,000 hits or anything, but it is just an interesting way of combining two passions of mine.

Thanks for listening.

Lucas Altic


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Re: The Cache Course - Novel Promotional Idea

That's really cool! I've never heard of geocaching, but will definitely check it out. Thanks for posting =]

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