Bwhaaaaaaahaha!! ... Oh Ben you crack me up!!!

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Bwhaaaaaaahaha!! ... Oh Ben you crack me up!!!

“...One of the most important figures in the world's financial system has told a group of American university students that money will not buy them happiness..." (Well good on you Ben, who are you going to donate all yours to?... Uh??)

"...The head of the US Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, has advised the students not to pursue careers solely to become wealthy...”

So I guess that means working for Goldman Sachs is off the list!

So what is exactly Bernanke really trying to say?
He is telling the people of the United Stated to prepare themselves for a life poverty in a fascist controlled, socialist state run by the likes of himself and the rest of the elite.

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Re: Bwhaaaaaaahaha!! ... Oh Ben you crack me up!!!

Who needs money when you can have Unlimted Power!

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