Buy some gold here and store it in a vault in Switzerland

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Buy some gold here and store it in a vault in Switzerland


Here is an ecellent company where you can still buy gold, you can choose to have it stored in either London, New York, or everybobys favourite, Zurich. Ive just bought some more today and im goona sleep safer knowing the Swiss are looking after it for me

Its stored in your name in a Via Matt (formerly Brinks Matt) vault and to me were the best way that i could find to actually own gold and store it in a place even safer than my house - a Swiss bank. They are whats know as 'Good Delevery Bars' as well, very good service.

Bullion  is the link, they have very good commission rates too and they bank with Lloyds TSB so in these times i dont think you can get much safer - that link contains my affiliate code, so i get a percentage of the commission that they make from any sales you make, you still pay the same commissions if you use my link or go straight to the site, its up to you if you want to remove the code or not, i dont mind at all Laughing

anyway, good luck everyone!!!

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Bad advice
You are forgetting axiom number one with physical gold and silver purchases.. "If you don't hold it, you don't own it". If the worldwide crisis increases, all vaulted gold in foreign countries could easily be seized "for national security". Very foolish advice IMO. If you plan on buying physical gold or silver, NEVER place it in a vault under someone else's care. My suggestion would be to place it somewhere very safe where you can retrieve it if need be.
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Does anyone know why Silver is down so much?
I did some research and noticed that both Silver and Gold don't do well during deflationary times which is kind of intuitive but the way silver is trading VERSUS gold, it's almost as if it is discounting 100% deflation while Gold hasn't recognized that yet
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Re: Bad advice

I agree.  

But if anybody out there finds the overwhelming need to store gold (or silver, or platinum, etc.) someplace besides under their own control, feel free to use MY pillow!  I'd be happy hold all the precious metals you'd like to send me!!

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What we're doing to ride this out
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Re: What we're doing to ride this out

One of the things I plan to do to prepare for the paradigm shift is to get laser eye surgery done for my wife and me so we don't need to worry about losing our glasses or changing prescriptions. I don't know how many Lens Crafters franchises will still be open after peak oil. We also plan on getting all that dental work done that we've been delaying because it would really suck to rely on DIY dentistry in a years-long emergency. Gee, I better have that teeth bleaching thing done, too, in case National Geographic come to take a picture of me enjoying my new life of subsistence farming.

Here's some fun books I found on DIY medical & dental.






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Re: Bad advice

In my opinion, the amount of gold Americans own is so pitifully small, the risk of gold confiscation is remote. My advice to gold owners is such an events happens is not to sell. Trade on the black market.

In Roosevelt's time, gold was commonly owned. Roosevelt offered $20 an ounce. Afterwards he immediately raised the price to $35. $35 had the effect of attracting foreign sources of gold, allowing the Federal Reserve to inflate the money supply

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Re: What we're doing to ride this out

i hate to use this site to promote my biz but i can help folks with low cost dental and medical care.

my website is

if anyone objects i apologize especially if you object chris. i have been on this site for 5  months now and have not mentioned this. i arrange for people to travel overseas for healthcare, mostly costa rica. i have lived in india for 6  months  the last few years. i have had 7 crowns since 2000 and have not gotten to $1000 yet. i have no health insurance or dental insurance myself, actually i do it is a plane ticket out of here.

i am on the board of directors of a touch of love foundation and we do charitable work in inda ghana argentina and dom rep

you can visit the site just add an org after it. dont forget your non profits in all of this folks we are still in need of support and those on the edge are moving closer.

if any of you need my help let me know i will get you the best care for the best price and i dont charge any thing . i get reimbursed by the hospitals and dentists . if any one from this site uses my services i will give chris 25% of what i get.

again i apologize if this offends anyone but when i read peasant farmers post i thought it would help. 

om shanti


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Rules about transporting gold across national boundaries?

Are there laws against transporting gold internationally?  I'm talking oz's, not kg's at this point.



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Gold and Silver is available in Canada

Americans may consider buying gold (in USD) in Canada as a strategy. Why?

  • Historically, it is ideal to have the gold outside of your country should anarchy, war, or rebellion become a threat. Europe used the Swiss for banking and storing gold during upheavals.
  • You can still get bullion in Canada from a bank, for spot plus a tiny bar fee. Optionally the bank will store in your safety deposit box, or you can have a certificate guaranteeed by the assets of the bank and redeemable in bullion.
  • Canada's banks are the strongest of the G-10 nations, and the only one showing budget surpluses and small national debt. Scotiabank and TD have no exposure to toxic derivitives, and all followed sound lending practices. 

It may be worth a trip to open an account within driving distance, rather than across the ocean.

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Re: Bad advice - maybe not

You know im not convinced that its a bad idea to store the gold in a vault in Switzerland, (obviously not as i have bought some) for the following reasons

1 Security. The Swiss have an excellent record for protecting investors money against all manor of legal assaults - if they fight to protect the gold the nazis looted in ww2 i doubt the will let the american govt take mine becuase they spent all of their (your) money. PLus no one can shoot me and take my gold.

2 Legality after Gov Confiscation. If gold is confiscated, you will be holding illegal contraband in your safe. this i imagine will both bring down the price, a lot. and make it very difficult to sell in your locality. A US Govt move will (hopefully) not affect the legality of my gold

3 Liquidity in a crisis. With these guys looking after my money and not my dog, i (hopefullly) will always be liquid, even after any US Gov confiscation

4 Worry & Stress. Gold in my safe would unnerve me, i would be worried and stressed about it, not so with the Swiss and my ability to sell immediatly and withdraw funds to my account that day. Plus as a european we know for sure that having guns around greatly increases the odds of someone getting shot and not always the bad guys

5 Limited Options. Where i live (slightly backward european country) i cant buy phisical gold or silver anywhere, with this site i can buy and sell, 24 hours a day and even at weekends! - possible big advantage if news breaks at the weekend. Plus, you can currently buy at just above spot price, and exploit any sudden dips in price. not so with your local bullion dealer these days.

6 this is not a pool account, or unallocated gold, it is phsicall gold that i own, in my name, that i pay a very small fee to the Swiss to store in their vaults for me. you can also drive over there and take it out of the vault if you want.

7 Ease of movement in an emergency. If it looks like the Swiss are going to confiscate, I can immedialty sell and re buy in the UK or, the US, although that might not be a good idea, my point is that you can move it quickly

8 Uhhhmm.... thats it, i think, for now anyway

good luck everyone - i think we will need it

the link is
and please feel free to remove my affiliate code which gives me a % of the commision (you pay the same commission whatever way you go)


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Re: Bad advice - maybe not


as for the price of glod, a few good pointer are;

1 you can check the price of the lease rates for gold here, ie what bankers charge each other to lend gold, it has gone up 200% in the lst few weeks!!! (click on gold prices, then select Lease rates fromt the drop down list

3 are consistantly good predictors, they have been predicting gold $650 to $600 in the next few weeks, others say the same thing, im going to be loading up when it begins to approach 650

4 the comex problem, smater people than me expect problems mid way through november when contracts become due for the actaul delivery of the metal for december, these are due mid november too

so, watch the lease rate chart and the spot price over the nest few weeks for the best buying time

although personally i dont think thats as important as just having some to store your wealth in, entrey price is not too important really is it in the face of all this!

good luck amigos


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What bank or mine should I call to get a gold certificate.

I would like to begin rading minerals and need to know a few banks or mines to have the minerals' certificates delivered to my hand to deposit in my bank in the U.S. I want certificates from Ghana that pass the Precious Minerals Marketing Corporation's requirements and Customs' as well. Also, can you guys give me a better country to sell than the U.S. Also, how do I have them sent to the different banks, or would I have to fly to the countries themselves and hope they will not discriminate against me like Merryll Lynch did to me today. I do not like them right now. :( I simply wanted to start a multi-million dollar business plan trading minerals and they said "I will now hang up the phone and you are not allowed to get our names." Anyhow, what phone numbers should I try in Ghana? Also, what banks take gold certificates in the U.S? Can my credit union call the banks in the other countries and take care of everything for me? Is there a way to fax the certificates to speed up the process?

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Vaulted Gold

I think the confiscation risk is still rather neglectable. Plus, I do not see a risk free way to store gold bars or coins at home. That is why I like BullionVault and their competitors so much.

But there are also quite a few dubious offers in the market. That's why we created a comparison service called Trustable Gold:

Please feel free to review our websites and discuss the idea behind vaulted gold.




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