From Bush, to Obama

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From Bush, to Obama

I've often wondered about the note that President Bush left on the desk of President Obama at the time Obama took office. The contents of that note were never revealed. Anyone want to take a crack at what it might have read? Here's my guess...

"It's not my fault. It all started with FDR and Nixon didn't help when he pulled us off the gold standard.You gotta admit that it's been a great ride, but like all rides it's got to come to an end. Being President is like playing time bomb, try not to be the guy holding it when it all blows up. (good luck on that one... lol)"

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Re: From Bush, to Obama

I'm guessing it was:

"Combination to the big red button to vaporize the world is... 1... 2... 3... 4"

To which Obama (in Darth Vader garb) comments "Only an idiot would use that for a combination"

Biden then chimed in with "What a coincidence!  That's the combination to my luggage"


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Re: From Bush, to Obama

There was a story I heard sometime back about Russian Premiers...

A young premier was elected to replace a aging premier who had been plagued by scandal and was ousted. 
On his way out, he told the young man "This is a hard business, and I've prepared these for you." He handed the young man two envelopes.
The young man took them, and the older premier said:
"When you get in trouble, open this one first. The next time open this one. They'll help guide you".

Time went on and the young premier ended up in hot water and remembered the letters. He opened the first and read the words:
"Blame it all on me", the letter said.

The premier, not so young anymore, did as the letter suggested and blamed it all on the old man who was no longer on the political scene, and soon, the problems began to dissipate... but it wasn't long before trouble found him again, and happy with the success of the first letter, he opened the second one and read it.

Inside was a simple sentence:
"Write two letters". 



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Re: From Bush, to Obama

I think Bush's letter went something like this:

"BTW. We built a huge permanent complex in Iraq So forget about leaving. If you need more info about what you are supposed to do from here on out ask the bankers."

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Re: From Bush, to Obama
Tim_P wrote:

I'm guessing it was:

"Combination to the big red button to vaporize the world is... 1... 2... 3... 4"



Doubt W could spell those words or count to 4 and I also doubt Obama could read or count that high.

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Re: From Bush, to Obama


Dear StarShip Obama:  "We built this city, We built this city on Scams and Bailouts"

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