Bush economic policies and bailout explained

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Bush economic policies and bailout explained

Bill Moyers' Journal on Friday, December 12,  gave a comprehensive and understandable explanation of what we have endured with the Bush administration economic philosophy, as well as the rank
 discrepancies in the bailout program(s). You can view it here:  



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Re: Bush economic policies and bailout explained

i love bill but i think it would be worthwhile for us to explore the fact that these were not bush economic policies.

he is not able to develop or promulgate an economic policy.

imho we have been following the policies of milton friedman, who tried ot get his foot in the door with nixon and failed. his next attempt was with reagan which for uncle miltie was an unmitigated success and for us an umitigated disaster. we have gone in 28 years from being the worlds largest creditor nation to the worlds largest debtor nation.

we have been under the rule of the univ. of chicago school of economic discipline all this time. and when it comes to discipline there is none better than the ol shock therapy of the university that was founded by the rockefellers.

also imho none of this is or was an accident. the goal is to remove the middle class and create a neo fuedal state of king, lord vassal , serf. i base this assessment on the fact of observable results. and my belief that these are not stupid people.

i would direct anyone still drinking obama koolaid to look at who he has as economic advisers and explain to me how "this time it will be different"

but you know maybe i am wrong 

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Re: Bush economic policies and bailout explained

You are, of course, right on Joe2baba.  Didn't Naomi nail it in her great book "Shock Dontrine?"

It was an opportunity for all of us who are not economists, to understand about old Uncle Miltie, and the mess his theories have made for so many countries, including ours.  I wanted change, so I supported Obama, and I had no illusions about his sainthood.  But i am pretty darn unhappy about his appointments from the same old crowd.

I should have remembered that we only have one party in D.C.

And, I don't think you're wrong.  From reading Chris, and at least 6-7 other reputable prognosticators, I'd say '09 will be horrible, and getting worse, with depression at the end and worse after that, probably with a revolution that will result in a third party win in 2012, before it starts getting better in 6-8 years.  One thing though.  After this all passes, I have a feeling things will be much different in the future.  I hope we get our own monetary system. 

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Bush is a criminal; but he's not a crime boss

The facts speak for themselves, Bush has been a chronic lyer since taking office - remember during the GOP convention he indicated the economy was "fundamentally sound."

But to be sure, the perpetrators are above him, he probably doesn't even understand the bigger plan. He is a smaller thug - a puppet on a string.

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