Is a bullionvault (or similar) enough?

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Is a bullionvault (or similar) enough?

Is having gold in bullionvault (or similar) enough? I don't really want to have physical possession if possible and my understanding of bullionvault (where i have some) is that what i've bought is actual physical gold. it's not shorted etc.

so is this safe enough? (i'm in the UK)


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Re: Is a bullionvault (or similar) enough?

if you have a large enough bankroll i would start with a trend based commodity swing term trading strategy, bevor investing in actual commodities.

That way you are able to soak out as much value as possible from the markets and be able to make some nice extra profits instead of just  preserve your capital by exchanging it to pm`s.

If i realize the situation becomes more and more critical, i would source out the trading volume and invest it in real goods like gold silver what ever might be interesting and storable.

Thats just what i am doing


PS: imo this is the best site to get started and learn easy and safe ways to trade commodities:

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