The brilliance of George W. Bush

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The brilliance of George W. Bush

No, I'm serious.

Have you watched the movie Zeitgeist yet? If not, I suggust you do. One of the themes it discusses is the central banks, and the international bankers that control them. For example, most people think the Federal Reserve is "federal" as in, a part of the government. It isn't. It's a quasi-public, quasi-private bank. One of the other things they discuss is the "North American Union". Apparently the idea is that the US, Canada and Mexico develop a currency much like the Euro, called the - wait for it - Amero! Apparently Bush, Fox (Mexico's president) and Martin (Canada's PM) had a meeting about this back in 2005. Lou Dobbs apparently talked about it on CNN, but I haven't seen the interview yet.

I was looking into this today and I found this article:

Now I'm not one to believe that they are trying to create a super nation or destroy America or any such thing. BUT, hypothetically, say you wanted to get America to convert to a new currency. This would never pass congress normally, because why would the USA want to 'devalue' our currency with Mexico? Or (until recently) with Canada? We wouldn't, right? But now imagine a crashing dollar, economic doom, panic in the streets, and a dollar that no longer supports the standard of living that people have grown accustomed to.

Now, merging currencies with Canada and Mexico doesn't seem so bad anymore, does it? Now imagine the Canadian point of view. Canada has a responsible fiscal policy. They have no debt. They have socialized medicine, they have a healthy economy. Why would they want to be saddled with the huge American deficit? We would be a huge anchor pulling them down with us. Doesn't make sense, right? They wouldn't want to merge with us until we got out of debt, and returned some balance to our trade deficits and spending patterns.

Now imagine the easiest way to do that. Americas debt is too big to pay off. Chris just posted on this site today that it is officially over 10 trillion dollars, with another 50 trillion of unfunded liabilities (like medicare, medicaid, etc). Americans spend to much, and save to little. We have a sense of entitlement. And politician's are enablers, because they want to get reelected. How can you stop this train?

You can't. But you CAN crash it. What is the easiest way to pay off our debt? Inflation. What has GWB done in his 8 years? Nearly doubled our debt. Along the way, so much money has been injected into the system that people spent until they were financially unstable. Our economy is unstable. We are almost there. We need one more nudge to start our economy into a final death spiral to break the US dollar. And what do we have? A unprecedented bill to inject another $700 billion into the economy. 700 billion the US doesn't have, and will have to borrow. One more brick on the backs of the Asians and Europeans so they finally try to sell their US dollars. One more entry on an already overloaded ledger.

I'm not saying I agree with this. I'm not saying I like George Bush. But as far as the execution goes, it's brilliant. 33 days to go, and he might actually succeed in crashing the American economy before he leaves.

In my opinion, once you can see the intended goal, the moves and reasons behind the chaos become clear. We are looking into the face of checkmate my friends. Buckle up.


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There is not one single concept that Vegas has outlined that doesn't make sense - right down to the timetable.  I now find myself wondering what demomination of Amero GW's picture will appear on!
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the straw that broke the camels back

Vegas,,, This could just be whats in the final chapter to this Epic show of gross negligence on the part of George Dubba's reign. Fear is gripping our leader Gordon Brown, he's resorted to appointing MP's previously pushed out of office for dodgy dealings, but who better to help clear the rot then the one's who helped the rot set in back in the first place.


sitting back and enjoying the ride, and it's going to be an exciting one

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           No argument here. All this was spelt out in the book "None Dare Call it a Conspircy", which I read in 1972. I laughed then.......but not now. Foot in mouth
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I came to the same conclusion.

Some argue that this administration has been ignorant and incompetent.  While this may be true of some individual personal characteristics, they have been methodical in the agenda they have carried out.  They have done exactly what they planned to do with a very heavy hand...the plan was spelled out long in advance.  Too bad the population is too busy and ignorant to have caught on to this.

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Re: The brilliance of George W. Bush
vegas316 wrote:

BUT, hypothetically, say you wanted to get America to convert to a new currency.

Rather than allow this kind of game to play out, which doesn't change anything, except to make matters worse, why not support a banking reform?

This would have to be a grass roots movement to succeed, but we have the Internet to aid us in this. That is if the money managers don't shut that down. I suggest that we talk reform and reach out to as many people as possible.

What kind of reform, you ask?

Well, here is one 9 minute video that is as good a place to start as any. 

I also saw that there was a class action lawsuit in Canada where the banks were accused of fraud for making money out of thin air and then charging interest on that same fictitious money that in real terms didn't exist. This was in 2005 and I don't see anything new about this class action.

A class action lawsuit could drag on for eons, but a solid mass of people demanding reform would be a much better solution.

KEEP IN MIND... that wealth does not disappear in a depression, it just changes hands. 

If we are going to talk about the banking crisis then let's talk in ways that initiate action. Now, that is worth signing up to a web site and paying for. Something that would provide a vehicle to build solid numbers of people that want to stand up and be counted. People that demand banking reform.



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