Brief introduction to CRASH COURSE on CD to listen to in the car?

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Brief introduction to CRASH COURSE on CD to listen to in the car?

I bought 100 DVDs of the CRASH COURSE last year & have given away about 30 of them.

Only three people got in touch w/ me to tell me they listened to at least some of the course--one person thought it was mostly B.S., while the other two were impressed and thanked me. I asked several others if they had watched any of it yet, and all replied that they were planning to but hadn't "gotten around to it" yet. Af far as I know they still haven't, and my intuition leads me to believe that most of the people I gave DVDs to still haven't gotten around to watching & most likely never will.

Most of us live overly busy lives, and quite frankly the last thing the average person wants to do when they come home from work is have to think more! They just want to eat dinner, (hopefull) spend some time w/ their kids &/or significant other, watch the idiot box a little and then hit the mattress. Where most people do have some disposable time, however, is in their car driving to and from work!

Obviously people can't watch a DVD while driving. As such, would it be possible to create a short (20-30 minutes?) audio CD for the sole purpose of introducing others to the CRASH COURSE and to peek their interest enough to motivate them to invest their limited time in watching the DVD?

Just a thought . . .

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Re: Brief introduction to CRASH COURSE on CD to listen to ...

My father is a busy guy, but I raised his awaressness by making CDs or tapes of some of the podcasts Chris has done or recent interviews of Chris on other financial podcasts on itunes, like the one he did a month or two ago on the financial sense newshour.  Some of these give a good brief overview of the crash course. 



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