BRACE for Crash!

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BRACE for Crash!

When [email protected] like this makes the covers I know the crash is imminent. 

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Don't Forget TIME

This looks similar to this Dec. 27, 1999 Cover:

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Re: BRACE for Crash!

Today Is the Best Tax Day of Your Life        (Another happy article by Newsweek)

  Compared to what's coming, this is the good life

Looking back, we may all remember April 15, 2010, as the day we got off cheaply. Why a growing deficit and increased spending on health care and Social Security nearly guarantee higher tax bills in our future.

If all income tax rates were increased proportionately, today's lowest rate of 10 percent would go to 15 percent and the highest rate of 35 percent would go to 52 percent. If only today's top two tax rates of 33 percent and 35 percent were raised, the new top rates would be 86 percent and 91 percent. At those astronomical levels, the study says, the well-off and wealthy would work less and pursue aggressive tax avoidance. Tax revenues would suffer.

So, the lesson for tax day 2010 is simple: enjoy it while you can. It's not going to get any easier.

Don't ya feel better now?


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Re: BRACE for Crash!

a classically contrarian magazine cover indicator.”

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Re: BRACE for Crash!

Davos. I wouldn't have believed it if you hadn't shown that cover!  You've (they've) got to be kidding!  The utter ridiculousness of that cover in the light of reality doesn't give one a warm fuzzy, does it?


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Re: BRACE for Crash!

The "Time Magazine Indicator" is pretty well known - i.e. that when the MSM starts declaring boldly that all is well, that's a very good sign that a major correction or crash is what's really on the horizon.

But does anyone here have any objective (based on historical analysis) data regarding the past time lags between the publication of "All Clear" messages by the MSM and the crashes that followed?

Seems to me that it's not quite over yet. As I understand the theory of the MSM magazine cover indicator, it is sending the news (all is well) that causes the dumbest money to pile in to the market. So that should mean new money coming in, funding a blow-off top, followed by a massive rush for the exits.

I'd love to know the time from publication to crash in previous incidents where magazine covers like these presaged a big market crash.

Great post, Davos. Heads down, Stay down! BRACE! BRACE! Heads down, Stay down! BRACE! BRACE! Heads down, Stay down! BRACE! BRACE!

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I'm so glad we were all wrong

This morning I wish I could take the blue pill and believe Newsweek.

OK, I vented. Thanks for listening. I'm better now.

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