Bonds and the American Experiment

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Bonds and the American Experiment

 America is just an experiment. Keynesian economics is just a grand experiment.  The FED is a privately owned banking cartel.  History is written by the victors.  History always repeats itself.  History is also completely full of lies.   If you tell a lie long enough... How long does it take for people to start believing the lie to be a truth?  The Fed manipulates / controls the Bond Markets . There is no way around it.

Who owns the majority of U.S. Treasuries?  No, not China. The FED does, thats who.  Yet, everyone I ask seems to think China does. Sure they do have a lot of treasuries…but no where near as many as the fed… The people in charge of China are Collectivists. Same as the people in charge of the FED. Behind closed doors we have many arrangements with China… Our Government bailed out foreign investors, including the Chinese,big time via Fannie and Freddie government bailout (Fannie and Freddie are cash cows for a lot of different groups). Nobody ever notices or pays attention to this.

Also I don’t deal with the hear say of conspiracy talk (practically anything could be a conspiracy). But I will leave you with this. The Powers that be are not going to allow a crisis to occur; At least, not one many of you think will occur. This event was “ALL PART OF THE PLAN” (research the Catherine Austin Fits) She worked under Bush Sr. as Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development – She uncovered massive fraud at the HUD; including a 59 billion $ foreclosure scandal (back in 1990, yeah a lot of money back then). When she brought this to her superior, a former congressman, she was demoted; her private firm was audited, and her investigation was dismissed. Point being… This has been going on for a while. Somebody has been ready and waiting for these foreclosures…  Fraud is running rampant, at all levels of society.  

Yet, the masses live on…unaware of the experiment… all the while working hard so that one day they can retire to the “American Dream” of social security… 

One more thing…So how does the experiment end?  As long as we are a food exporter, America will never get hungry enough for real change… Overpopulation is the greatest of the problems we are presently facing... China is the only country to have a policy aware of this fact…   We are approaching something and I will be ready for it.  I Have lots of rice.  Enjoy! Above all else Remember,

 Life goes on

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