B.J Lawson mentions the Crash Course

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B.J Lawson mentions the Crash Course

B.J. Lawson, a past guest on 2 Beers with Steve(shameless plug) and who is running for Congress in the 4th District of North Carolina, recently gave a presentation called Food, Folks and Funds. In Part 2 of the videos below, he mentions Chris Martenson and the Crash Course and the eyedropper/exponential function analogy. Way to go B.J.!

Part 1

Part 2 - reference to the Crash Course

Part 3

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Re: B.J Lawson mentions the Crash Course

I supported BJ in 2008 and will again in this election cycle.  Let lost, but he was running as a Republican in a Democratic district and 2008 was a very Democratic year.  Given all the difficulties he was up against, he still had a more than respectable showing.  At the last End the FED rally, I finally got to meet him personally and talk to him for several minutes about various issues.  He seemed like a great guy who was definately worthy of my continued support.

He should do much better this time with it being he second try and the environment being so challenging for Democratic incumbents.  Hopefully he can get in because we really need more people like him, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Adam Kokesh, Petter Schiff, ... in congress.

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Re: B.J Lawson mentions the Crash Course

What kind of candidate discusses the importance of a healthy diet and eating good food as well as health care?... umm, a candidate that reeeally understands the problem. This video demonstrates the depth of a candidate that BJ Lawson is. 

His demeanor in front of a crowd is awesome, I think he really nailed this. I think that the 4th District of NC will have one hell of an election this year.


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