Best door lock system?

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Best door lock system?

Hi all,

I am looking to upgrade an entry door with something a little hardier than my current quickset (non deadbolt) lock. It seems to me that typical key/lock systems you'd get at home depot are easily circumvented by anyone with lock pick knowledge - just browse youtube.  So I figured I'd ask the community here what types of lock systems you use that may present a little more difficulty to the average miscreant.

I'm considering a traditional key/deadbolt system or a electronic keypad/deadbolt system. 


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Door locks

 If your question is purely about swapping out door lock hardware, I'd say getting the highest quality deadbolt lockset you can afford (even from a Lowe's or Home Depot) is the answer to your question.  You get what you pay for, and I'd expect to pay at least $75.  As a police officer I have NEVER been to a burglary scene where the criminal picked the lock.  That takes knowledge, skill and practice (which all sounds like what burglars are trying to avoid: hard work).  It just so happens, though, that the higher quality modern lock sets have features making them much harder to pick (but, really, lock picking is the least of your worries).  If you're interested in the broader and bigger subject of door security, read on.

1.  For more ideas, read my second post on home security in the "What Should I Do" blogs on this site:  Once the Chris Martenson site is redesigned and upgraded (any day now), I'll have a wiki on it about home security.  In the meantime, here is some of that content.

2.  Swap out all the screws in your door system: jamb/frame, hinges, strike plate with 3" or 3-1/2" screws.  You can kick in a door and most of the time reuse the lock in a new door afterwards.  The short screws tend to rip out of the wood easily allowing the bad guy in while your door hardware is still in good shape.

3.  Reinforce your door (hinge side and lock side) and your jamb with steel.  A good example is

4.  Install two deadbolts: one above the door knob, and one below the door knob.

5.  If you really want to go "whole hog" install a Fox Police Lock: the absolute top choice for those who live in REALLY bad neighborhoods.  It takes even a Fire Department or SWAT team a lot of time and noise to overcome these locks.

6.  Swap out your whole door system with a new steel door in a steel frame with some of the above hardware options.

7.  Install a steel security door with a steel frame on the outside of your entry door.

8.  Install an alarm system.  Most burglars are opportunists (not professional criminals who have actual skills and go in for detailed mission planning).  Most burglars won't even attempt breaking in to a house with an alarm system, and many of those who do run away as soon as they hear the alarm sounding.  You could almost leave your door unlocked if you have a good alarm system.

9.  When you want to be extra secure while you're inside your home, install a "Door Club", or a "Katy bar" system:

10.  The ultimate in door security is making sure that at all times there is behind your door a household member who is armed, trained and mentally prepared to repel home invaders using surprise, speed and violence of action!

"May the odds be ever in your favor!"

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thc0655,   Thanks for the



Thanks for the detailed reply.  

"As a police officer I have NEVER been to a burglary scene where the criminal picked the lock."

Thats a great point i didn't quite appreciate.  I'm interested in upgrading since the lock I have on the door now is pretty lame.  It's not even a deadbolt.  Since I'm upgrading I'm willing to spend a little more for quality and effectiveness.  You're post has some great info and gives me a good blueprint to work off of.  I think I'll end up getting a good quality deadbolt and perhaps replace the screws.  I look forward to your wiki.


Thanks again


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I agree with neutrino, great

I agree with neutrino, great info thc0655!  Thanks for sharing your knowledge of home security!

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thc0655 is right on the

thc0655 is right on the money. 

As a former carpenter/handyman, I can't recall the number of doors I was called out to REPLACE simply because the thief simply applied a boot to the door, splintering out door, jamb and all.....deadbolt still locked and sticking out of the door !

If you plan to beef up a door, RE-INFORCE the jambs with steel or you are wasting your time, IMHO.  Even longer screws thru the striker plate that reach into the stud behind the jamb are only marginally effective.....requiring two kicks versus one.

After the door, the next place to beef up are windows.  I can remove the entire window from many houses before you can get the keys out to unlock your deadbolted doors.

In fact, IF I want in your house, I'm going to get in.....simple as that.   So spend money on a good alarm, a "yip-yip" nervous little dog ( Chihuahuas and poodles are GREAT for this ), and a shotgun.

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The specialist window

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fingerprint lock

Hello! I know you mentioned possibly searching for an electronic lock. I find fingerprint door locks to be great in deterring theives. They typically all come with a key override but the places to put the key are typically hidden. You could look into the BioBolt X2 Deadbolt or maybe the DL210 deadbolt and singlel latch. Just a suggetsion.

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Perhaps you need to customize

Perhaps you need to customize that type of door you need,, a ordinary door can turn to automated with locking system if you are creative enough. You can use for sample for doors to use.

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This is a great product! I found some more information on this website:


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Best door lock system

I prefer security doors for my house .It is very comfortable type of door that easy to open and easy to closed.These doors have a high security codes that outsider person can't open the door without the permission of house owner.I saw these type of doors in many luxury houses and in offices also.

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Doors are an important part

Doors are an important part of any adequate home security. You can say that they are pretty much the building blocks used to create robust home security. As such, it is important that every facet of your door is geared toward properly protecting your home. I think it is an amazing idea that you decided to switch out your locks. I would suggest that either the traditional keyed deadbolt or the electronic deadbolt would be a suitable upgrade. In addition to these there are some other improvements you can make to your door to ensure that the deadbolt is working well with it. 

If you happen to settle on the traditional keyed deadbolt, you can work on upgrading the the locking mechanism by using additional security pins that will make it harder for anyone attempting to pick the lock. For both the keyed and electric deadbolt, you can reinforce your strike plate by using longer screws, or reinforce the doorjamb by adding an extra strip of metal or wood. These will each make the door much more resistant to unwanted guests and burglars who attempt to use blunt force to bypass the door. 

In addition to these, if you want to maximum security, I would suggest not settling for just one deadbolt, but two (or more, but i doubt you're trying to turn your home into Fort Knox). Install one that can be opened from the interior and one that opens from the exterior, it allows you to be doubly sure that you are keeping every miscreant out.

Also make sure that you pay close attention to the hinges of the door, if you have hinges that are facing the interior of your home, you should generally be alright. Although it wouldn't hurt to modify them. On the other hand if you have your hinges facing the exterior of your home, you should either replace them so they face inwards or look into making the hinges more secure. The reason I bring this up, is because you can focus on upgrading the locks in your home, but they are only as strong as the other components. You have to view home security as an entire entity and not just one that has minor parts that need to be switched out regularly. 

Make sure that when you are upgrading any aspect of your home to account for added security, that you ensure that all other parts of your home security are working in tandem with the additions. 

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