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Don't think there has been discussion on Senator Bayh's decision not to run again.

It's been interesting to watch the news develop:

First it was 'Another Dem is leaving, let's do a body count and see who's ahead!"

Then, "He's leaving because he's tired off the Senate's inability to get anything done."

Now, "He's a quitter, why doesn't he stay and fix it, it's not so bad!"

When one of the guys that's trying to bail out the boat jumps overboard something is seriously wrong with the boat. It's sad to see good people give up; I don't see hwo any well intentioned Seantor can stand the mess that our Senate is in. Filubusters used to be the tool to clog up legislation, no wone only has to threaten a filibuster (no more Mr Smith). Votes don't take plce because they are already counted in private so we don't have first hand information as to who bought who.

I got a call last night for a phone town meeting put on by my Congressman. I appreciate what he's trying to do, and he's generally been a good representative. But he droned on and on about many programs and bills that are really just details. No word about the major issues - too much debt and a bought Congress. I got in the queue to ask about those issues, but it just went on too long.


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Re: Bayh

If I was in his shoes I'd do the same thing, though my explanation would be slightly different.  I'd tell everyone that the best way forward at this point is to vote every incumbent out no exceptions, and that I'm leaving office to set an example.  Then I'd probably proceed to spend the next 8 months saying everything I previously couldn't without endangering my legislative efforts, and generally being the biggest pain in the a** that the Senate has ever seen.  Can you say 'short-timer'? Wink

I can only hope that he'll spend the rest of his term making his fellow senators from both parties miserable and encourage them to leave as well.

- Nickbert

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Re: Bayh

I think he see's this economic thing as unstoppable and doesn't want to be in office when the default inevitably happens.

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