Bad Economy Good for Military Recruiting

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Bad Economy Good for Military Recruiting

In researching the unemployment numbers I came across this article from CNN.

it would seem that a bad economy is very good for recruiting into the Armed Services. The pay is increasing, the bonuses are going up and benefits are improving. 

It would seem that at least one sector of the economy is doing rather well.........War. The U.S armed Services had their best recruiting year since the draft ended in 1973. Now that we know why we fight we also know how we get the people to do the fighting.

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Re: Bad Economy Good for Military Recruiting

This is too true for comfort.  Saying we ended the draft is the biggest lie.  We conscript the poor.  My nephew is losing his job at UPS and is planning on joining the military.  No offense Marines I do love you all but I am lobbying hard for him to choose Air Force or Navy - lower odds of getting blown up.

He's a good kid, life has not been easy for him and he sees this as the only way to improve his odds.    The war would be better for the economy if it was being supported by products made here and not lost to war profiteers.   WWII was one big government stimulus package,  we spent and spent ourselves into huge debt,  but it worked,  more or less.

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Re: Bad Economy Good for Military Recruiting

The rate of unemployment has increased since recession has hit United States. Looking for job nowadays is not that easy, however this doesn't mean that you are now going to grab the opportunity to join the military just for the sake of having a job. Being a member of Armed Forces is not that easy for there are lots of responsibilities that will be put to your shoulder. So before joining the military think first if this is really what you wanted and reflect to yourself if you really want to serve the country. If you are not that committed look for other jobs, for sure there are still lots of corporate jobs out there. Though it's not hard to make comments about things like HR departments are the Stasi of the corporate world, more of them are losing personnel to layoffs and are increasingly taxed for time, so it's difficult to get resume responses. To ensure responses, make certain you get the name of the people you've handed over resumes to, and show some initiative on your own – it's not like a few phone calls will send you running for payday loans. Try to schedule a meeting if possible, and be confident but polite.

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