Are we broke?

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Are we broke?

Nancy Pelosi looks uncomfortable in this chair. John Stewart talks to Pelosi. She's here to sell her book. To think this lady could be the third in line to the presidency.........

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Re: Are we broke?

 I always figured I was broke if I had no money I could spend.  And, I was bankrupt if I owed more than I could ever hope to pay back.  And I was stupid if I kept spending money I was borrowing.  And, that the pattern would eventually land me in the poor house, where I would be subservient to everyone else's wishes.

Does that sound about right for where our nation is right now?

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Re: Are we broke?

Ben A,


Yes that does sound about where our nation is right now because there is no money until somebody borrows it.

You wouldn't be subservient to everybody elses wishes, just your bankers wishes, because as long as you owe your banker you have an obligation to perform to him, or he can jack up your interest rates, or call in your loan.

The only way we are going to get out of this financial mess it to put money into circulation as a final payment (not loaned into circulation but spent in) so we can us it to pay off all the mortgages, and get us free from this debt based monetary system.


Our problem isn't to much money, it's to much debt! 

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