Are there any regular Crash Course local meeting groups or plans to organize such?

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Are there any regular Crash Course local meeting groups or plans to organize such?

Although I don't have a lot of time for the Zeitgeist films and Movement, I have somewhat admired their ability to organise into some sort of cohesive movement.

This led me to consider what, if anything, is being similarly done surrounding the issues raised in the Crash Course and I'd like to know if anything like this is already being done or is in the process of being discussed/organised.

It occurred to me that it could help build momentum both for the message and for the cause of individual preparation to have some kind of official (or unofficial community organised) network of local support groups which would meet regularly - either as discussion groups to discuss and share ideas, news, current events etc. or to organise presentations by people who have the skills necessary to survive the coming changes for the benefit of those who don't (like myself - I feel totally underprepared) - such things as finance, wilderness survival, growing your own food, saving energy, self-defence - all the sorts of things covered at length in this forum but would benefit greatly from real world interaction.

I realise we have the online forum for this but there is something about meeting up with real people that just seems better to me - not least that real life connections with local people is one of the main things that will help us cope with coming changes. Not to ignore the fact that we are not even sure that we will have access to the Internet in the same form while this is all going on - some kind of local community of like-minded individuals would be an essential resource. Also, I and, I am sure, many other people learn much better through personal interactions rater than reading/watching videos on a computer screen.

I also think it would be a great way to promote the message - hiring a local hall to put on a presentation, inviting people from the neighbourhood, giving away Crash Course DVDs for free (the promise of a free DVD would be a good way to bring people in). The more people who are prepared, the better we are also prepared due to being part of a stronger community with self-sustaining people rather than people who are a drain on our community resources/time.

Please let me know if anything similar is already being done/planned and point me in the right direction, and/or let me know if you think it is / isn't a good idea to have something like this officially organised / acknowledge on this website.


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I support this idea. Here is

I support this idea. Here is my experience so far: after attending the weekend Chris did last year at Rowe in MA, I organized a loosely knit group of people as a discussion/support group just to talk. Because I only knew 2 people within 5 miles of me to invite, the others I invited spanned a geographical distance of about 50 miles. The political distance between these people was even further than that. One dropped out immediately due to political differences. Several people who had a lot to contribute often couldn't make it as they were off leading busy lives. A few of us hung in for awhile, and the last meeting had only one person there - me. One of my local friends had an even more discouraging experience trying to show related films locally a few years ago. Someone else suggested putting hidden contact information between the pages of relevant books at the library - I don't know if he actually did this or not. I would be thrilled to discover that there were 3-4 people (or 50!) in my town of 17,000 souls who read this site (also amazed if this turned out to be true). I wish there were some way of finding this out. If I knew who they were I would call them up and invite them over for coffee. However, I know of no way of finding these people right now. If there is some way of linking CM readers with others near them, I would strongly encourage the CM team to look into this. Most of us are incredibly isolated out here, I believe. If I'm missing something obvious in terms of making local connections, and I may well be, I hope someone with a more positive experience will point it out to me.

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Don't Forget The Transition Towns Movement

Don't forget the Transition Towns movement. They're already peak oil aware to begin with.

Podcast and transcript of Chris Martenson interviewing Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition movement, below.

Rob Hopkins: Making The Red Pill Taste Good (September 22, 2011)
"Rob Hopkins is a true pioneer of the movement to intelligently prepare and adapt society for entering a post-Peak Oil future. His brainchild, Transition Towns, has been one of the most successful initiatives to date in inspiring hundreds of cities, towns, and communities around the globe towards using local cooperation and interdependence to shrink their ecological footprints."

Find like-minded people in your area, who are aware of peak oil and want to organize locally.

United States:



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local CM groups? not yet.

I tried starting a regional CM group in the Southeast, but all I did was put together a Yahoo group called Deep South Sustainability. We use it to post a notice when we find something useful in the geographical area, like when I found a stone mill or a local prepper with her own website full of local tips. But other than that, members live too far apart and have never met. It all started with a thread where we told each other where we were from. I looked for the thread but could not find it - you could start a new one.

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CM & Transition Initiative in NE OK

Thanks, Poet, for the "heads up" about the Transition Towns model for community/neighborhood development!

After learning about the 3Es and individual/family resilience from the Crash Course and this website, we realized from some of Dr. M's comments that community resilience was just as important (if not moreso) than that in individuals and families.  Following up on his mention of Transition Initiatives, we clicked into the TI websites and were intrigued with what we saw.  We've since met several like-minded people mostly through social networking and, with assistance from TI collegues in nearby OKC ( have begun to organize a TI project in our area.  Several people with similar interests have come forward. It's fun.  And gratifying.  And reassuring to know that others nearby are prepared to be supportive in the event of collapse.

BTW, Richard Heinberg, in his new book End of Growth, recommends TI along with one other model for those interested in community/neighborhood resilience.


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