Arab Revolution?

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Arab Revolution?

An Egyptian man set himself on fire near parliament on Tuesday and another one tried to follow suit, echoing an act of self-immolation in Tunisia that triggered mass protests and helped oust the president.


Similar cases have been reported in Algeria and Mauritania as Arabs in authoritarian states watched with astonishment the speed at which a public uprising in Tunisia toppled its ruler last week. Some have responded by calling for change at home.

Considering the percentage of the world's FF supply extracted in countries both Arab and authoritarian and half of that population is under 30 years old, would you be surprised to see widespread unrest there?


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Re: Arab Revolution?

In a story dated 1/21/11 there's more, here:

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Re: Arab Revolution?

Read carefully, the reported news are yet to be confirmed but it's also happening in Jemen and Algeria.


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Re: Arab Revolution?

You call it on January 18, Pops.  Very precient.

I'm surprised this topic is garnering greater debate around here, or, perhaps I just haven't found the right thread yet.

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Re: Arab Revolution?

To anyone interested, I think it started here... Not 100% certain though:

I may have sort of killed that one.



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