Is anyone here following Harry Dent?

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Is anyone here following Harry Dent?

What do folks here think about Harry Dent? I listened to a 90-minute webinar he did last night for Equity Trust. Many of his observations/predictions are in line with Chris', particularly for the next decade. While he talked about several 'peaks" - debt, bubbles, personal spending at various stages of life, etc. -  he made no mention of peak oil or the game-changing nature of the forces we are now facing, which concerns me a bit. His focus was on the three "D's" - Demographics, Debt and Deflation. He does seem to have gotten a lot right, predicting both the 90's boom and the '08 crash well in advance, and much of his analysis rang true to me.

Dent mentioned seeing huge opportunities for shorting stocks and certain assets over the next year or two. I would like to hear what other people think about him before spending $300 on a subscription to his newsletter.


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Re: Is anyone here following Harry Dent?

I think you'll be better served by spending your $300 here. Harry is great, though as you noticed, not as multifaceted as the CM community. I get his newsletters forwarded to me and have for a few years. They are good, but without the other facets, not good enough IMO. If I had the $300 to spare, I would be an enrolled member here at CM again.

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