Anyone else watching stocks gyrate today?

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Anyone else watching stocks gyrate today?

Holy physics! It looks like a sine wave Smile

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I've noticed over the last few weeks...

...that all the markets I've been watching (Dow/S&P/NASDAQ, gold/silver/oil, various currencies) have been swooping up and down fairly violently.  

Why, if I was a cynical sort (cue "Psycho" by Puddle of Mudd), I would almost believe that TPTB are anticipating people anticipating a downdraft in the markets various upon the cessation of QE2.  And to mess with those that want to get short the relevant markets -- but are getting short early -- those selfsame Powers are allowing the markets to plunge down (sucking in shorts/bears) and then juicing them the next day or two (burning the shorts/bears).  Lather, rinse, repeat.

But that would mean I'd believe the markets are manipulated and that somebody out there doesn't want to let the markets function as a price discovery mechanism.  

And that'd be CRAZY.   

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Cue Bob Pisani instead.....

"There's nooo vollllllluuume."

This isn't much of a surprise.  School is out and the big money is on vacation in the Hamptons.  From now until the end of August you can expect high volatility on low volume that will defy news and earnings results.

55 minute charts are worth their weight in gold this time of year.  Maybe three candles on a 233, but only if you entered the position just before the bell the day before and closed before the third candle painted the following day.  And never, ever, ever, take that position through the weekend unless you are in a financial position where losing it all won't hurt.

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