Any opinions on Gerald Celente?

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Any opinions on Gerald Celente?

Anyone have any opinions on economist/forcaster Gerald Celente? I heard an interview with him yesterday on Wisconsin Public Radio and was quite impressed. He has an outlook similar to Chris' and, among other things, recommended investing in gold to protect against hyperinflation. The interview can be heard here at WPR's website:

justscroll to theshow for 5:00 pm January 5 and click the 'listen'button.

I'd be interested in getting anyone's feedback on the interview or anything views you may have about Celente. 


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Re: Any opinions on Gerald Celente?

Hi Alex,

I do have an opinion on Celente. Seems like he's pretty right on to me. Certainly more intelligent and aware of history than 99% of the people on television. However, this is based upon listening to several hours of interviews over the last few months. To be fair, I've never read or seen for that matter his Trends Journal, and I don't know anything about his background -- including whatever "dirt" critics would undoubtedly bring up. I find him quite hilarious actually, and frequently laugh out loud while listening to his longer interviews when he usually gets deeper into the situation at hand.

Now obviously he's "predicted" things that haven't come to pass, but so have we all insofar as we're all prognosticators of some variety. However, he frequently makes the distinction that he and his group are into trends -- in the sense of trajectory and the power of today to influence tomorrow -- and that highly specific predictions are trotted out more as curiosities or banter.

He does appear on more "fringe" talk shows like that of Alex Jones and Jeff Rense, but so have people like G. Edward Griffin, Ron Paul, and Peter Schiff.

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