Any feedback about a personal consultation with Chris Martenson?

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Any feedback about a personal consultation with Chris Martenson?

Just wondering if anyone would care to share any feedback regarding any personal consultation with Dr. Martenson?  I'm transitioning into a career with higher income potential and was thinking if there's a time where it might make sense, now might be it as far as planning for the future.  Would anyone care to share anything about their experience with one of these personal consultations?  Any response would be appreciated (if you'd prefer to send a personal message).  I see that his fee is $500/hour.  Any experience with how many hours a consultation might take, or took for you?

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I was wondering the same thing


I was thinking about a consult as well. I have been a paid member for awhile now, and wonder if he would tell me anything that I haven't read from him before? By the way I read Chris' book, and the end does make some predictions on possible scenarios that may help you to get an idea of what he see's as possible or probable in the future. Great book.


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I had one ...

... in December of last year. He is extremely easy to speak with and as knowledgeable as he seems online :-)

He was generous, charging for only 1/2 an hour even though we went over, since we got a little side-tracked talking about homeschooling.

I have two recommendations, one which helped me and one which may or may not have helped him, to keep down the time - 

1) I sent a brief email giving some of our background information. I can't remember if he read or referred to it, but it helped me feel like I could get to my questions very quickly because our general information was up on his screen if he needed to refer to it. 

2) I wrote down a list of what I was hoping to cover, so if we got side-tracked I could get back on and not miss questions that were important to me.

I will say this ... I didn't get much I didn't already know ... but that was not Chris' fault. Having removed our IRA funds I was looking for any recommendation to help us avoid the taxes. I felt I could speak more freely with Chris about the options than with my accountant, who disagreed with what we'd done. Unfortunately, there was no magical way to avoid them though I will admit that once that check was written, we haven't thought about it at all ... I don't worry about the daily ins and outs of the market and that is worth it to me.

Beyond that we discussed our preparations in general. We'd taken the self-assessment test on this site and had already done as much of what Chris recommends as we could. But we are limited by where we live - and do not have the option to move right now. Again, I may have been looking for some magical answer - that was not provided. What I did get was confirmation that I have understood the signs correctly, that the moves we have made were in the right direction and that our decision to sit tight while keeping an eye out for opportunity is also on the right track. 

Chris and I also both have teens and we discussed the challenges of keeping them informed while allowing them some distance to be kids.

In the end I was pleased, even though I didn't get any "new" insights that I hadn't already realized - but then I'd been reading this site and others, books and blogs, for a long time. Since I have very few people I can freely speak with, the confirmation that what we've done so far is on the right track was a great boost. I would not hesitate to do another consultation if our situation were changing and I needed feedback or confirmation about our direction.

~ s

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I have also consulted with

I have also consulted with Chris, twice.  He was very generous with his time and gave me some personalized recommendations that were very helpful.  I'm thinking about consulting again since some of my circumstances changed.

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Thanks so much for the

Thanks so much for the information.  For what one pays (directly or indirectly) for financial advice/planning, I think an hour or a half with Dr. Martenson is a bargain.

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