Any exceptionally bad experiences w/ TSA, Border Patrol, Customs or Home Land Security? My friends have!

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Any exceptionally bad experiences w/ TSA, Border Patrol, Customs or Home Land Security? My friends have!

I have not traveled much the past 12-18 months so my experiences are somewhat limited. However, I have heard many horror stories and read several shocking accounts.

Although I expected and was aware of many of the tactics employed some of the experiences were so bad I thought people were exaggerating. Not anymore!

Just recently I had two very close friends relay absolutely awful experiences with both the TSA and the Border Patrol. These people did nothing wrong, did not have criminal backgrounds and did not look or act anything like the typical suspects that may arouse suspicion.

However, they could not believe the interrogation and intimidation tactics being employed by these agents. Lengthy questioning that bore no relevance to their travels or what they were doing upon being stopped, threats of search and seizure without reasonable justification, menacing looks and crude language filled with accusations and arguments citing BS laws and justifying agent actions on clearly unconstitutional grounds.

Amazing what the Patriot Act and these trumped up terrorist scare tatcics have done to this country. We are in a constant police state now and the biggest threats are not some foreign born terrorists (often diretcly or indirectly financed by the US government) but rather the draconian measures and tactics employed by our own government. Such laws and tactics have slowly been phased in over the past decade and are now being escalated in degree of privacy and freedom infringement.

I maintain this is much less about tryinjg to stop terrorist activity but rather about restricting the average citizen's travel freedom, money movement, tax monitoring and increasing the possibility of asset seizures.

Anybody care to share any firsthand experiences or 2nd hand accounts from reliable sources?


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