anti-american propaganda

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anti-american propaganda

Heck this site sure is the most superlative propaganda, such that one can hardly help than believe it is true. My best guess is it is funded by a joint conspiracy of China, Russia and Arabia, with probably some jerky Canadians and Mexicans in on the act too. And opinionated Irarkies. This site needs to be closed down urgently and ... [rest deleted on the basis of a call towards violence]

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Re: anti-american propaganda


And they say that "truth hurts", but really, a "firing squad"?

I am an Australian resident who is an interested spectator to events unfolding in the USofA, and I commend this site for its clarity. I and many others concur with Chris Martenson's assessment of the probable future that we will face.

As I near retirement, my superannuation fund has taken a big loss due to exposure to the sub-prime problems. We are told that our land rates (taxes) will to increase to cover losses incurred by Local Government investments in sub-prime loans. The real inflation rate is much higher that the official figures would indicate. Life is getting harder.

America’s woes will be our woes as, and yes we have characters like rpclarke in our community as well. God help us!

Keep up the good work


Best Regards

Chris Ryan

Brocklehurst NSW

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It's unfortunate that you are unable to see the basic truth behind what is being said here.  Perhaps you should educate yourself on the beginnings of this country. And learn a little bit more about the current state of the economy.  Take some time to read the news, preferably from a source that is not part of the "corporate media", since they are owned by the very people who are profiting from the system. 

The economic problem that is being explained in the program is exactly what the Founding Fathers of this nation clearly were concerned about when they created the Constitution.  They had already learned the lessons of what happened to themselves during the revolution and what happened to in Europe when Fiat Money was issued. 

Most of the framers were very suspicious of banks, especially a Central Bank.  Therefore in Article I, Sect 8, Par 4, only Congress has the right to coin money and fix it's value, and in Article I, Sect 10 stated that no Thing shall be money but Gold and Silver.  The creation of the Federal Reserve Act goes contrary to the Constitution and therfore, in my opinion makes the entire current scenario quite un-Constitutional. 

 What is clear to me is that there are forces at work here that are taking what you and I own and giving it to those who are greedy for more money and more power.  It's insidious, and in all probability quite purposeful.  If you want a second opion, go visit Catherine Austin Fitts' site,, and read what she has to say about the "Tapeworm Economy". 

So who's truly being anti-American;  the authors of this site, or the Central Bankers that are complicit in creating the current situation?   I would argue that it is Central Bankers.

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Re: Anti American Propaganda

This is one of the most informative web sites on the economic and environmental drivers that are causing - and will likely continue to cause us ALL to completely re-think what it takes to maintain a sustainable society.  The one we have is unravelling pretty fast but what's bothering a lot of us in the US as well as billions abroad is the "head-in-the-sand, Old Glory-wrapped myopia from the likes of rpclarke

 Get to the shooting range, Clarkey, and take out your frustrations with the current US administration there.


One other thing, rpclarke,  - semantics, maybe, but its important. America means the entire continent stretching from the Arctic Circle to Tierra Del Fuego.  Remember, we live in the United States - merely a part of the whole.


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Thank you all for the support.

Hey there - I am a huge fan of free speech and let the initiating post on this topic exist for a week.

However, the calls for a firing squad were over the top and I finally felt I had to truncate the portion that advocated violence.

Also, after some thought, I just now banned the poster.

My rules here are simple. If you post something that a reasonable person would not say in actual conversation to another person, then you have crossed a line.

I realize that many consider that the anonymity of the internet provides some latitude in this regard, but I don't.

Here are my rules, plain and simple:
1) No calls for violence, at any level
2) Basic civility and courtesy maintained at all times.

Passionate, reasoned arguments are always allowed, while personal attacks are not.

Thank you.
Chris Martenson, PhD.
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Quote: Heck this site sure

Quote: Heck this site sure is the most superlative propaganda, such that one can hardly help than believe it is true.

Do you have any reasoning or evidence to back this up?  I'd welcome a counter point if it were logically and rationally presented, but your post did neither.


 The arguments presented in this video are ones I have heard from many sources, most notably Peter Schiff from  I'm waiting to hear what suggestions Chris Martenson has to protect savings during this credit/money crises.



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Good job Chris
This is a great site. I would like to see the rpclarkes of the world try to illustrate any falsity that they claim, instead of displaying an ignorance that is like I would expect from someone in the dark ages.
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Fear itself
rpclarke's display is unfortunately typical of the response I get from people I've attempted to "wake up" in the past few years. I think it's just that they are completely overwhelmed by the implications of what they see when the scales start to fall away from their eyes, and they have a convulsive fear reaction. In a way it's like telling them that their God is dead--it's simply too big to digest and so we as humans react with human stages of grief, of which rage/anger/denial are all parts. Myself, I'm still not at the acceptance phase... I still mourn for the loss of innocence, and nothing is the same since I found out Uncle Santa wasn't real. That said, outstanding work Chris Martenson! You've laid out the case as clearly as I believe it can be laid out. I'm no economist but I can vouch for the accuracy of all your historical references, so I'm inclined to give credence where credence is due. I wish I'd seen your Crash Course a little sooner though! Could'a owned a lot more gold and silver by now... I feel like a fool walking around with trash paper in my back pocket.
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response to: rpclarke on Fri, 04/25/2008 - 01:42.
i was not able to read the rest of your post becasue it was deleted on the basis of a call for violence. however, based on what i read i can only conclude that you are one of those utterly ignorant ultra-conservative (with red-neck tendencies), in short: extremely stupid. if you cannot comprehend and see for yourself the reality that has happened in front of our eyes and not accept that the plain truth is: The US government through the actions of corrupted politicians and dishonest bureucrats (i.e. economists hired by the US government tyrants), have STOLEN from the American people all possible means to lead a productive and rich life in the future. It must be said, -in fairness- that the world created by the above mentioned groups (2) have been aided by a few, un-ethical captains of industry (namely stupid CEO's), who unfortunately, the great masses have eaten the lie spouted by politicians that basically enemy No.1 is the businessman. The point here is, if you are so stupid to express what you did about Mr, Martenson and his website, you deserve what is about to happen in this country. And before you respond with even more stupid comments, i will have you know that i am one of the most ardent defenders of Laissez Faire Capitalism (the true kind, not the corrupted one). This requires for you to understand the true original principles under which this nation was founded, INCLUDING the second amendment, the right to bear arms. If you wonder why is this relevant ? well, simple, because the intent of the second amendment was not to 'protect against intruders and criminals upon one's own home", (which it goes without saying, such is a logical conclusion). However, the true intent of the second amendment was to allow the public the opportunity to DEFEND themselves against PRECISELY what Mr. Martenson has been educating us all about what is going on. In short, that this country has been taken over by a band of corrupted politicians aided by a bunch of unethical technocrats, who in their pursuit of power and excess have literarilly bankrupted this country. I know this because numbers do not lie... and NUMBERS and FACTS is what Mr, Martenson has used to prove his points. Wheras YOU... a moron of inmeasurable size, can only use physical threats to counter a well researched and soundly backed up projection. a well founded window into the future. Unfortunately, to digest and understand his work, requires education, and the capacity to analyze things that i can see you have absolutley NO IDEA of. in part, you and your ilk are the reason why these politicians and bureucrats, have been able to get away with what they have done.... pitiful, to have destroyed the most amazing country humans had been able to create. and even more pitiful, that unfortunately, the arrogance of human nature, combined with the success of the original principles that founded this country (now totally removed from its core) produced neanderthals such as yourself. the most telling statement of your post (at least he part i was able to read), was your call for closure of Mr. Martenson... ROFLMAO who are you the NEW US government GESTAPO ? GFY.
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I am not going to attack anyone
I see this website as an educational tool letting me learn a lot of things I already knew, and new things I did not. We have no room for attacks on anyone. The economy is everyone's problem. Democrat, Republican, Independent, Green Party, race, religion, status, rich and poor. I just wish someday we live in a country where people can see through all these distractions and appreciate education without offending or attacking anyone. You don't like what Chris is doing? Don't come here, it's that simple. If someone attacks me for what I say here, I will not respond unless the attack is presented in a intelligent and decent manner. I hope we are not childish here.
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I really think you do have

I really think you do have everyones support here Chris. 

Thank you.

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