Another nail in the constitutions coffin?

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Re: Another nail in the constitutions coffin?

That's completely insane.

The Supreme Court is by statement of the Constitution of the US, the highest Law of the Land, the final arbiter on the legality of all things regardless of whatever branch they arise. I hope that the SCOTUS has the cajones to listen to this suit, at the end of the day it's their decision, not the President's nor the Solicitor General, it's those 9 wrinklies sitting on the bench, if they decide to listen to the case, I'd be more than happy to help defend them in the pursuit of justice in the supreme court. At that time I would be protecting the Constitution of the US from all enemies  foreign and domestic.

Now knowing Lawyers this might play into this being heard, since Lawyers and Judges don't like being told what to do. Hopefully that will bitch slap Obama into realizing his REAL place in the US government, something that sorely needed to happen to his predecessor too. There are times when I wonder whether our leaders actually read the Constitution and why it is structured in the way that it is.

If this is pushed beyond the SCOTUS or they capitulate then worse is to come, since now both of the checks and balances are weighted towards the President (we already know that the House is in his pocket mostly). That will be a sad sad day, who will stand in the way of Fuhrer Obama, but the people...?

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