Animated Hook for the Crash Course

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Animated Hook for the Crash Course

After showing the Crash Course to a friend and he being as deeply moved as I was, we felt obligated and determined to help in some fashion.  We'd like to use our creative skills to animate (in Adobe Flash) a short hook (under 10 mins, maybe even 5 mins) with the goal being to compel people to start and finish the Crash Course.  This animation would be posted to animations sites and youtube in the hopes of grabbing the attention of the internet generation.

We wanted to know if there are any ideas like this floating around already, if there is any one particular message you feel is the biggest hook, and any input in general.  We would like to make this an iterative process with the highest of quality controls from Chris, the team, and the community.


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Re: Animated Hook for the Crash Course



    Sounds like a great idea.  Personally, even though I was fascinated by the crash course it was quite a slog to get through and only one out of ten people I've recommended it to has actually watched it all.   Anything that grabs peoples attention and makes them want to learn the truth about our collective situation has got to be a good thing.   Good luck with it!

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Re: Animated Hook for the Crash Course

I also think it has potential. I've thought about distributing the Crash Course DVD, but all the people around me have relatively short attention spans and I can't convince any one to sit down for a few hours - even if I suggest doing it in small doses.

If there was a 5 - 10 minute video that I could link to, I know I could at least get folks to watch that much. If it is done well and draws people to the Crash Course, that would be great.

My wife is a great example of my problem. She will watch 5 or 10 minute videos - beyond that, fegaddaboud it!

If you guys could work with Chris and his team and produce a quality product, that would be outstanding!

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Seen this video yet?

Chris has put this on Facebook. If nothing else, it should give you some ideas.

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