Americans Had to Work from January 1 to August 12 This Year Just to Cover Cost of Government

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Americans Had to Work from January 1 to August 12 This Year Just to Cover Cost of Government

Washington  (Full Article– Americans had to work from January 1 until August 12 this year just to cover the cost of government.  That is 26 days more than they had to work last year to cover the cost of government.

“Cost of Government Day” this year fell on Wednesday, August 12, according to Americans for Tax Reform, the conservative group that calculates when the day occurs.  Cost of Government Day is the day in the year when the American people have earned enough income to pay the total cost of the spending and regulatory burden imposed by government at the federal, state, and local level. 
The August 12 date is 26 days later than Cost of Government Day came last year, when it fell on July 16.

In fact, this is the first time the day has fallen in August. Until this year, July 20 was the latest date marking Cost of Government Day. That happened in 1982.
The day takes into account all taxes paid to all levels of government as well as the costs of complying with all federal, state, and local government regulations. ATR calculates that in 2009, the cost of government will consume 61.34 percent of national income.

Of the 224 days it required Americans to pay for the cost of government in 2009, 111 went to federal spending, 49 to state and local spending, and another 65 to pay for regulations imposed by all levels of government.
“In 2009, federal spending has expanded by almost one trillion dollars, mostly due to the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) and the American Recovery and Relief Act of 2009, passed under the guise of economic stimulus,” Ciesielska said in her report.
“We have calculated that had Congress not passed the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 that created TARP, Cost of Government Day would have fallen on July 25. That means that it would have been 18 days earlier.”

Ciesielska noted that Cost of Government Day 2009 would have fallen about ten days earlier without stimulus-related expenditures.

According to ATR, “The recent federal spending spree paints a bleak picture for taxpayers. It started with the passage of the financial market bailout and continued with the “stimulus,” the $410 billion earmark-stuffed “omnibus,” the $3.55 trillion budget, and more bailouts leading to current threats of a national energy tax and a government takeover of health care.”

Whoa - if these numbers are close to accurate, this is beyond shocking.  In one year, we added almost one month's worth of slave labor.  We work more for the banks and government than we do for ourselves and family.

They have crossed the line, this is now a human rights issue.


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Re: Americans Had to Work from January 1 to August 12 This ...

I didn't work. I just put it on my credit card.

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Re: Americans Had to Work from January 1 to August 12 This ...

working more days to support the that's inflationary!

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Re: Americans Had to Work from January 1 to August 12 This ...
joemanc wrote:

working more days to support the that's inflationary!

++++ 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #*&(&*# nanny state, welfare state. I'd like to get behind these numbers and see if it includes off balance debt.

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Re: Americans Had to Work from January 1 to August 12 This ...

opps wrong place


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Re: Americans Had to Work from January 1 to August 12 This ...

The sad part is the 100% of this debt is owed and is drawing interest to private corporations known as banks.

The even sadder part is that the American public doesn't understand the difference between I own and I owe when it comes to money.

We the American people could through our elected represenatives at the state level regulate this entire banking industry to serve the public instead of the only the banking system as it is now.

The saddest part is that the America people have allowed our government to go into debt at interest to private commercial banks when the government could just as easily furnish all the capitol it needs in the exact same manner the banks do(book keeping entry) and the governement could do it as a wealth to the people and make America the wealthiest nation on earth, instead of the deepest in debt.

Larry clearly understands the flaw in our monetary system.  He knows that it doesn't really matter what you use for money but the principles under which money functions.  I own -vs- I owe.  Wealth vs Debt, Honest vs Fraud.

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