The Alternative Market project has been launched!

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The Alternative Market project has been launched!

My final post here, as I am leaving this board. I really don't feel welcome here anymore. A lot of good people have been removed. I miss their imput. Good luck can find me here from now on.

Why choose to participate in a system that doesn’t work? A system that is designed to drain the people of wealth instead of enriching them and their lives? A system that is constructed upon irrational principles, faulty laws, and unstable values? A system on the verge of collapse?

This is the question that the Alternative Market Movement (AMM) poses to the American citizen. Why continue living under an economic structure that is poised to erupt, threatening you, your family, and your ability to provide a meaningful future for them? Would anyone voluntarily choose to live under the barrel of a gun their entire lives?

The only plausible answer is that most people participate in our current destructive financial system because they feel there are no other options. AMM plans to change this by offering a new choice, one which presents a solid foundation, an honest and legitimate sense of community, self sufficiency, and sound trade backed by tangible commodities instead of unsustainable debts. We will work to help each and every individual achieve greater independence and to connect with other like-minded participants in a newer, liberty based market. This market will be facilitated and administrated by communities themselves, away from bureaucracy, corporate influence, and overt regulation. It will serve the interests of the average man and woman, and not the interests of globalism and elitist hierarchy.

We believe wholeheartedly in the framework of Constitutional Law, and that no government or supranational entity has the right to overstep Constitutional boundaries for any reason, regardless of supposed intentions or mandates. We do not recognize the self proclaimed authority of corporately created and managed entities such as the Federal Reserve, the IMF, or the World Bank. We are fully opposed to the practice of fractional reserve banking, fiat currency, central banking, and other fraudulent financial Ponzi schemes. We stand against the forced centralization of countries and cultures and the erasure of national sovereignty. We believe that the first step in defending against such economic and political manipulation is to create an alternative system that safeguards the values of free markets and free peoples. We are a natural extension of the Liberty Movement which is already making great headway in American society today.

Our goal is not to centralize authority in this movement, but to encourage individual awareness, and individual action. We hope to provide the knowledge and tools necessary to make it possible for anyone, from the average working American, to the successful private business owner, to become their own leader, taking actions in their own neighborhoods and towns with the purpose of forming viable trade networks, eventually decoupling and shielding themselves from the diseased economy currently in place.

The root ideology of our mission could be expressed as follows:

Provide for yourself and others those human necessities which the corrupt establishment cannot or will not.

Through this, you make the damaging system unneeded and obsolete. Eventually, the establishment will have to come after you, openly exposing its tyrannical nature, or it will have to conform to you. In either case, you benefit.

To help Americans forward with this strategy of self determinism and economic independence, we are launching the Alt-Market website. We hope it will become a useful medium for the expansion of trade networks as well as a source of in-depth knowledge on numerous practical skills which are valued in a poor economic environment. Ultimately, we plan to move our efforts away from the internet and into cities across the country, where we will hold workshops and conventions designed to give people hands on training, as well as a forum to meet other like-minded free market proponents face to face.

Visit us at Alt-Market, and set a higher economic standard for yourself, your town, your state, and your country. It all begins when our participation in rigged establishment system ends…

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