AIG bailout and the CIA

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AIG bailout and the CIA

I’ve read the stories about AIG being a global front for the CIA - it wouldn’t be a surprise. AIG’s longtime CEO, Hank Greenburg, was once
offered the number 2 position in the CIA and has long been communist
China’s American “representative” in the Council on Foreign Relations.
He is one of the most politically well-connected guys in the country
and he virtually dictates our policy toward China to congress. The Fed
probably bailed out AIG because Greenberg asked them to.

Read story here

To Chris and the other experts:

Don't you think that it is not sufficient to consider economics, but politics and corruption as well when you plan for the future? The way I see it is that no matter how bad the situation in USA today is, it is impossible for it to go down. The CIA will make sure they cull some other country and enslave them to pay off any and all American debt. It has happened with Chile, Argentina, Indonesia, Iran in the 70s, I wouldn't be suprised if some other country gets the shaft this time.

Also see this on how China/Japan got the shaft with the Lehman bankruptcy: Wall Street and Washington conspired to defraud Japanese banks


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Re: AIG bailout and the CIA

Good point. Indeed people's futures depend on more than just the economic fundamentals. Take for instance the fact that the value of the dollar is dependent on the US government's ability to borrow from other countries, and to borrow in an environment in which it makes little economic sense to lend to the US. There are other issues at play here obviously, lots of geopolitics (coercion or the threat of it). Who is going to think that the whole world was shafted with a single flawed fiat reserve currency because they thought it was a good idea? (After the US foreign obligations default in 71.) Or the IMF requirement to "float" (more correctly: sink) the currency as a requirement to join or receive funds? Power is exercised in subtle ways.

When you say that "it is impossible for it (the USA) to go down", then you have to ask yourself: who is the USA? If you mean the people that hold the strings, that make the investment decisions, that staff the highest levels of the most influential corporations and the government, that is, the people that embody the "national interest", which by the way is what "USA" means when you read the word on a newspaper, then that is a very different thing than the general population of the USA and its interests. So can the USA go down? If you mean the elites, probably not. If you mean the people... you bet.

Want to understand the bailout? Or the public being shafted with multi-trillion dollar debts that will enslave them and their children? One can view it, incorrectly in my view, as the well-intentioned but blundering effort of honest men (Paulson and Bernanke?) toiling away for the common good... or, you can view it in the context of power elites using a crisis to consolidate and extend their power base, at the expense of the apparently powerless majority. View all this stuff in the context of class warfare and you will start reaching quite different conclusions.This latter view, by the way, becomes an effective way to predict certain outcomes, like the most likely reactions of the powerful in this crisis, and who is going to pay the costs. Who is paying the costs now? There you go.

Few people seem to recognize the incredible and concentrated power that is entailed in the monopoly to issue currency, especially at interest. The monetary system is a crucial element in understanding how things work. Don't people see the concentration of power in the US? The weakening of the local economies in favor of the Wall St. institutions? How can people believe that there are free markets in the presence of a central bank? People have a long way to go in order to wake up to their sad reality.



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If this report is true

If this report is true- I suggest you all look at AIG as an investment possibility

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