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Addicted to money

Hi All,

This aired last night on ABC Australia (Public Broadcaster) and is available to view-go to the link and choose 'Addicted to Money.' It is a great reduction, if you will, of the crash course.

It is only part 3 (final) you can get the others too I believe.

There are other fine programs to catch up with too!




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Re: Addicted to money

I missed the middle episode, and whilst the docos made some good points, I thought both episodes I saw had howlers in them......

The first asserted that we (as in the west) had borrowed all the debts we now hold from China (can you believe someone would put together something like this without understanding that money is created as debt??). and last night's "peak everything" implied we would be saved by electric cars, a complete nonsense...

The only person who made much sense was Ehrlich who said most Americans had probably bought their last car...


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