Adapting In Place - And When Not To

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Adapting In Place - And When Not To

Welcome to the first day of the Adapting in Place class - most of my
posts this month will focus on the theme of how to get along where you
are, with what you’ve got.


So here’s my list of when to think seriously about getting out.  There
will be exceptions in every case - my claim is not “you definitely must
go” but “think hard about what you are choosing.”

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Re: Adapting In Place - And When Not To

Hi Sam-

Interesting website and I can say for as a person who bugged out 2 years ago to our Zero Energy Farm ( that bugging out isn't easy.

Right now we want to raise money for our wind generator and converting our 60'x60' barn into a "retreat" place with 8 bedrooms (cost of insulation, some barn repairs, installing bathrooms, a kitchen, windows, doors, heating system) and a large hoop greenhouse for year-round production. We thought of raising funds by increasing our garden to do more fresh veggie/fruit sales but the kind of money we are looking at- that wouldn't get us there.

Something we have been thinking about is taking in relatives who want a "bug out" place but when I talk to them about what seems to be a certain future - they look at me like I'm the nut-job. That said, I certainly would welcome like-minded people to join us and pool resources so we can finish the goals we have for going Zero Energy farming. Those who are trying to get set-up starting from scratch now will find it to be an impossible task. We're at least 1/2 way there. . . To be truthful, we were getting ready for a big climate change when we heard about the peak oil and then the economic crisis came along.

For those looking to pool resources and get to a bug-out place - please feel free to contact me for more details.   The more the merrier as we would like to make space for as many as our land can carry. . .  Nut-jobs welcome as long as you can help grow produce, don't mind mucking a barn when needed and have a peaceful disposition.


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Re: Adapting In Place - And When Not To

Sam, thank you so much for posting Sharon's latest, as usual excellent in how it addresses so many perspectives, and so filled with her own experience.


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Re: Adapting In Place - And When Not To


Thanks for the link - good information.


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