This is an absolutely

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This is an absolutely

This is an absolutely outstanding presentation - a MUST-READ (or really a Must-LISTEN) for anyone who wants to understand how our economic system really works. Chris Martenson has done a tremendous job of delivering, in an easily digested form, crucial infomation on how our monetary and financial system functions.
I can't wait for Chapter Sixteen.

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Excellent and enthralling. Really hard to quarrel with any of the opinions here, and I look forward eagerly to the remaining chapters
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Chris, you bring it to the
Chris, you bring it to the point, that is awesome, how easy to understand (even for a german guy) you describe the financial situation not only in US, but worldwide. There is a solution for Alibear´s concern on the confiscation of Gold: JWS Shekel range has several distinct advantages over gold savings in other forms; * By comparision, government issued bullion coins are always the property of the issuing government; the holder is only ever the 'bearer', never the owner. Shekels are non-government issued. This can be found on
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Fuzzy Numbers and the MSM
Fuzzy Numbers is a great education. Thanks Chris. I believe that none of these fuzzy numbers would be possible without the cooperation of the Main Stream Media. - Arlen

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