Absolutely Spot On!

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Absolutely Spot On!

This was a very well presented and accurate portrayal of one of the major mistaken pillars of the capitalist system, endless growth equates with endless prosperity.  In essense, we as a nation have been "borrowing" our lifestyle from overseas now for over two decades while mortgaging our children's future with low savinsg, debt and insane levels of government spending. We are now seeing personal and househodl budgets imploding for exactly these reasons with the national, state and local budgets following suit.

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Save the USA

I can`t believe the amount of debt.

I am from South America. And you are repeating our economic history. You are going to hyperinflation.

Everybody still look up to America. But you are an Empire of Debt.
You must stop destroying the dollar, spending that much.

If I were American, I would vote for Ron Paul... LOL. that is the only guy addresing main trouble in America.

 believe in me, we`ve already been there. Hyperinflation massive default... it`s a nasty place.

I prefer America keeps the world leadership.

But you are giving it to the Chinese.

And this "course" is brilliant.

open your eyes...read the economic story of south American countries, and you will find that you are sending your country to the 3rd world..

God helps us. God help the USA.

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