About buying a house

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About buying a house


A couple of years ago I joined this forum and asked about selling my townhome. I already had decided to sell but received some responses that reinforced my inclination and helped me move forward on that.  Now I have been renting a one bedroom condo for a year and am thinking of buying a house. I have private financing through my family trust and I figure that the money would be better invested in a house I can live in rather than in the stock market or in bonds. There will still be enough money left to live on.  I am single, age 62, with grown children in other states.

At this point, I still have my health and could spend some time fixing up a house and garden so that it could be a refuge for myself and a couple of family members, if necessary.And another good point is that I would buy in an area that has a transition community.

I'm wondering what you all think about this plan. I could sit around and wait for prices to fall further, but who knows what the stock market is going to do in the next year? I may not have as much money next year, or the next. And prices have not been falling all that much here in Colorado.

Thanks for any input on this delimma 


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 My wild guess would be

 My wild guess would be that the prices there will not be coming down any time soon .  I hope some of the people here that are from that State will help you  find an established community or something .


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