ABC News reports Houston is good place to ride out recession.

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ABC News reports Houston is good place to ride out recession.

ABC News reported today that of the 39 major metropolitan areas of the country, only 3 actually gained jobs last year, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin (all in Texas). They reported that the low cost of living and availability of jobs in Houston is causing thousands of people across the country to move here. As a lifetime Houston resident, I wanted to provide some "pros and cons" about Houston for anyone who might be interested in moving here in the future.

Houston Pros:

1) The cost of living is very low for a city thats the 4th largest in the country. Housing is cheap, and Houston really had no significant local housing bubble over the last 6 years.

2) Oil Industry- With peak oil looming (or without it) Houston's economy is stabilized by the fact that its the center of the oil industry.

3) Winters are awesome in Houston.

4) Diversified Population- Houston has a great mix of cultures (think restaurants). 

5) Top Medical Center in the nation. 


Houston Cons:

1) Houston is a pretty "ugly" place to live. With the exception of the beaches, Houston has very little natural landscape. And the ubiquitous oil refineries and chemical plants really don't help much either. 

2) The freaking summers are unbearable. Between the 90+% humidity and oppressive heat, I don't how anybody lives here without AC.

3) Hurricanes- We just got hit with Hurricane Ike last year, so we are probably "ok" in the hurricane department for a few years.

4) Traffic- probably not a big deal for those coming from other big cities.

5) Houston is the "fattest" city in the nation (think restaurants). Though this might be a pro if you want to build your biological food storage for the lean times ahead (ha, ha).


As I noted in this post,

Good News, The Great Recession is Over! 

construction is still booming here, for what ever that is worth to you (jobs perhaps). I think people tend to think of Houston as "Cowboy Country" and this is true to an extent, but it is more than balanced by the scientific populations of NASA, the oil and chemical Industries, and the extensive medical community here.


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Re: ABC News reports Houston is good place to ride out ...

Austin rocks as well...maybe even better in many ways

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Re: ABC News reports Houston is good place to ride out ...

We're going to ride this out in El Paso - That makes Texas 3 for 3.

For the last couple of years and (hopefully) for the next few years to come, the Government is spending beau coup (or, boo koo, in Texan) bucks on construction at the military bases here. So far as we're told, they've committed money out through fiscal year 2013. I work for a construction co. and I feel my job is as safe here as it would be anywhere.

Plus, the enchiladas are delicious!

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Re: ABC News reports Houston is good place to ride out ...
paranoid wrote:

Austin rocks as well...maybe even better in many ways

I have to second paranoid's comment.  Not as humid as Houston, better scenery, no worry about hurricanes, far more politically diverse, and several community leaders are attempting to make Austin the fittest city in the US.

Not as many cultural activities as Houston, but has a great music scene.  Does get oppressively hot in the summer.  Laughing

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