Very funny transcript... enjoy!!

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Very funny transcript... enjoy!!

Ha ha ha laugh

HERE IS PARTIAL TRANSCRIPT AND LINK TO JIM HIGHTOWER'S SPEECH EARLIER THIS WEEK - INTRODUCING BERNIE SANDERS IN WISCONSIN. You may not agree with the politics, but the speech was funny and will ring a bell with everyone on this website. Enjoy...


"The problem in this country is the powers that be. Too few people, and I'm talking about a handful of billionaires and corporate executives, they control too much of the money and power in our country. And they're using that control to take more from you and me for them.

Now, you know, economists have a technical term for this. "Stealing. "Woody Guthrie had that great song, "As I travel through this world I see lots of funny men / Some will rob you with a six-gun and some with a fountain pen." It's a fountain pen, the fountain pens are doing the serious stealing in our society today.

Well, I think we're all here tonight because we know that the Powers That Be on Wall Street, and in Washington, and in the corporate suites, they're not at all there in comprehending what America is all about. Those powers that be, they're as confused as goats on astroturf when it comes to understanding that in America, we're supposed to be all in this together. But they want to separate themselves. And by the Powers That Be, I'm talking about the downsizers and privatizers. I'm talking about the Walmart wage-whackers, the Big Oil frackers. I'm talking about the bosses, the bankers, the big shots, the bastards, the bullshitters, who think that they can run roughshod over us. They might think that they're the top dogs, and we're just a bunch of fire hydrants out here in the countryside.

But look at what's happening in Wyoming, here tonight. We're gonna send 'em a message. You know, inequality doesn't just "happen," it's planned. It's decided. By corporate executives, sitting in comfortable executive suites, it's decided by their lobbyists and by their Congresscritters, whom they have bought. They have made decisions, they put out a whole array of forces against us to steal our rights. Their campaign dollars are lobbyists, they're Fox News, they're union busters, off-shoring. They're front groups and governors, they're legislatures like yours and mine. They're courts. You know, they say that in sex-- I don't know a lot about this, but, they were explaining it to me backstage. And they say that in sex, using a feather can be erotic. But using the whole chicken, that's just nasty. They're using the whole chicken!

That's why we have to have a big politics to create big change in this country for the people. And we're not gonna get that from the Republican freakshow that they're running over there, in their primaries. I hear Donnie Trump and I hear Ted Cruz. I hear this gaggle of Goofy and Daffy and Dopey and Grumpy, and I think, "A hundred thousand sperm and you were the fastest?"

Here is the link to the full video:


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Great speech but,

he forgot to mention the details of extreme brutal reality! They all do that funnily enough!

Until a politician tells it how it really is...I do not vote..ever!

I want to hear how the public is a trust incorporating a body of debtors (you and me) who are living within a bankrupt corporation (USA UK ect) that uses our bodies as collateral for loans and surety for the debt! Endless wars (think war on terror) and austerity is our future, until the people wake up to that brutal reality!

Apart from that have a great weekend y'all! blush

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